The Perfect Topper: Fedoras

When I saw a straw fedora online last year I ogled at it for a while before deciding that my closet would not be complete without one.  I cannot explain why my interest had not come to life until that moment.  Sure, there had been a surge in the number of celebrities sporting them, but the hat had been around for a while.  In fact, I used to think of it exclusively as a man’s hat like the newsboy caps you see taxicab drivers wearing, and maybe there is there is some truth to that.  I own four fedoras, one in wool, two summer ones, and one metallic one (I have yet to wear that one.)  After wearing trying it out, I received flattery mostly from boys, and two surprising well intended compliments from men over the age of 55.  But maybe where I went wrong was that it is not a hat for men, it’s a hat appreciated by men.  And if I happen to be the only female on the block wearing it, so be it.  They change the vibe of all attire whether easy thought to denim cutoffs or a casual note to a sundress, not to mention the bit of sun protection they provide.  You probably don’t want to miss out though, so these are my picks:

Nordstom- $48 $8

Free People- $98


*Picture from Asos

Make It A Double, Please- Two Finger Rings

Skeptical would be an accurate term to describe how I felt when I spied a specific lovely ornate ring about one month ago.  On the back it had metal loops for not one, but two fingers, which frankly just looked restrictive.  But lucky for me the ring was adjustable and I was enamored with the design, so I put it on and acknowledged that I had been led astray by expecting discomfort.  It was just as wearable as any other ring, and because it was adjustable, it was even closer to a perfect fit.  The best part about it, is how cool I feel every time I slip it on.  It’s feminine and elegant, but also has a tough girl quality the way it spreads across my hand.  I have seen rings which promote themselves through size by vertically covering a whole finger, or with monstrous cubic zirconium gems which look like meteors.  I choose to leave the tawdry jewelry for someone else (you should too.)  Finally, I have located a piece of hand jewelry that is noticeably large in just the right way.  These are my picks: $45

Charlotte Russe- $6 $11

Betsey Johnson- $55 $17

*Picture from Betsey Johnson

A New Take On The One-Piece

Bathing suits have gone through drastic evolution beginning at the turn of the century as complete dresses or tops and bloomers longer than the average weekday mini-skirt.  Now we can find little more than swatches of fabric tied with string covering the bits of a Sports Illustrated beauty’s body.  While there is less material involved, the style choices have expanded.  There are one-pieces, bikinis, tankinis, and now, monokinis.  The monokini (a term I just learned also means a topless one piece, or just bottoms) was introduced only a few years ago, and I predict it will be sticking with us for many years.  It is really a one-piece, but sometimes the pieces are only connected by an inch of fabric; other times it refers to a one-piece with cutouts in various locations.  If you are uncomfortable strutting your stuff in a bikini, you may want to steer clear of the monokini which flaunts sections of your body like your stomach, back, and/or hips.  However, I’m loving how there are so many different options for this style, and it just takes some dedicated searching to find the right one for you.  These are my picks:

Victoria’s Secret- $88

Roxy- $42 $54 $34

The Fashion Scoop- $136

*Picture from Victoria’s Secret

Dress To Impress For Less: Party Look

This week the guide to flawless dressing on a budget features party attire. Catch anyone’s eye in this stylish ensemble for just over one-hundred dollars!

Have trends you want the scoop on? Maybe you want to know how to look chic at an upcoming BBQ or first date? Want suggestions on what to buy from your favorite stores? Tell me these things and more! Share them with me, and I’ll help you locate just what you are looking for! Comment directly on the blog or shoot me an email at

Thank for reading,


These are my picks to create a dynamite party outfit:

Top, Free People- $30

Pants, Forever 21- $11

Ring, Anthropologie- $20

Bag, Forever 21- $19

Shoes, Payless- $25

Total Outfit Cost= $105

*Picture from Free People

Cooler Than Classic: Single Charm Necklaces

A stunning pearl or diamond necklace never goes out of style, but they also cannot be worn with just anything.  Just imagine wearing Tiffany’s emeralds with shorts!  That is why I am obsessed with baubles which are miniaturized objects, tiny robots, keyboards, ballerina, etc.  Charm bracelets are nice, but if you are looking for a better way to wear your passions and hobbies, choose a chain around your neck.  It will be the perfect conversation starter.  These are my picks:

Claires- $6

Forever 21- $2.00

Anthropologie- $20

Betsey Johnson- $65

Designer Corner- Cole Haan Shoes

For my second Designer Corner I wanted to build the hype about one of my favorite shoe brands, Cole Haan. Not only are the shoes sleek and sexy, but they are well designed to prevent agonizing foot cramps and pains.  The designer paired up with Nike and launched their shoe line with Nike Air Technology full of trendy shoes and heels. When it comes to high fashion, sometimes a few comfort sacrifices need to be made, but if you spend all day on your feet in excruciating shoes, you’ll be close to keeling over by the end of a workday.  While I have not “test-walked” these shoes, I own three pairs of Cole Haan Nike Air shoes, and not only are they cute, but I can walk in the shoes all day long and the heels for the majority of the day.  Another bonus, they may not be cheap, but they are much more inexpensive than a pair of classy Louboutins!  Here are some tips for shoe shopping this brand:

1.     Don’t waste your money on flip-flops.  Yes, they may look nice, but you can get simple and pain-free ones elsewhere at much lower cost.  Also, flip-flops are a major no-no in the office.  Even dressier ones can potentially be frowned upon in the work place.

2.     While their thin soled sneakers are not for working out, they are one of the most comfortable shoes you’ll even sink your foot into.  They are not bulky so they look stellar with skinny jeans, and they will help you look like the fun, up for anything, chic.  You can run, but with shoes like this, you can’t hide (that’s a good thing!)

3.     Take advantage of the cute colors they offer.  They have heels, sandals, and other shoes in cheery yellows, punchy blues, and va-va-voom reds.  Celebrate your feet with a new shade.

4.     No matter what, 3-5 inch heels are meant to be worn in moderation.  Yes, these shoes should be relatively comfortable for the average leg-lengthening footwear, however you still won’t want to kill yourself by trying them out from 12pm-12am.  Treat your feet well with a little rest, and they will thank you by walking you somewhere fun.  Sorry…the martini is still on you.  These picks are likely to be cozy, and you as you can already tell, compliment-worthy:

Boot- $199

Pump- $198

Pump- $328

Slipper- $168

Sandals- $198

*Picture from Cole Haan

Designer Corner- Betsey Johnson

For my first designer corner I have selected the wild and wacky Betsey Johnson, one of my personal favorites.  You know her for her bold designs, sweet as sugar tea party dresses, and mixing of rock-star punk and girlie glam.

These are my tips for shopping Betsey:

1.     The jewelry is worth checking out!  If you cannot shell out $400 on a dress, or do not plan on attending a country club wedding in the next month, you can spend a lot less for a one-of-a-kind and simply adorable accessory.

2.     Look for Betsey trademark items.  It would be absurd to pass over all the pink tulle and buy a basic LBD.  If you’re going to be shopping Betsey you may as well buy like Betsey…her clothes did not become famous because they were plain and demure.

3.     Shop for yourself, but keep in mind not everyone will share your opinion about how fabulous your new elaborate top is.  Because some of the clothing is a very loud and a particular style that appeals more to females, you may find yourself with a baffled boyfriend left wondering why you are buried under complicated folds of flowered fabric.  However, as long as you’re confident and love it, you will pull it off.  Other people will see you as cool for being yourself and rocking something unexpected.

4.     They carry relaxing but insanely sexy pjs and lingerie that might be more agreeable for your boyfriend than the cupcake dress we are both drooling over.

Dress- $388

Dress- $279

Jacket- $318

Earrings- $45

Nightie- $60

*Pictures from Betsey Johnson

Stun In The Sun: Sheer Maxi Skirts

Lace has been adorning everything lately, from headbands and tights, to t-shirts and sweaters.  It’s flirty, feminine, and delicate…unless you pair it with a moto-jacket and leather boots for some rocker edge.  But lately we’ve seen this trend as the full fabric of products, not just appearing in its average cameo as trim or detailing.  This means sheerness, and lots of it.  For the day, girls appropriately layer see through blouses with camisoles underneath, but for going out many feisty chicks have added some sex appeal to the style by baring only a bra under it.  This looks best with a bra matching the lace, personally I prefer black on black.  But this summer, new sheer styles are by way of not just lace, but airy materials such as chiffon, and not just for tops, but for gorgeous skirts!  To this I say sheer brilliance (pun intended)!  Maxi skirts and dresses are already stunning and perfect for summer outings, but with a twist of showing some leg in the most unexpected way, it’s even better!  It is a naughty spin-off to prairie girl chic.  Most skirts will come with two layers, one acting as the short cover-up underneath with a longer one to overlay.  To maintain a certain amount of modesty, make sure you wear spandex or a body-con miniskirt underneath if it is only one layer to ensure your look is sultry, not shocking.  Note: showcasing your panties is likely to draw the attention away from how lovely and stylish you look and direct it to the fact that, well,your underwear is on display.  Some of my favorite picks are:

Topshop- $76 $30

The Fashion Scoop- $158

Urban Outfitters- $45

*Picture from Free People

Hello Crop Top!

Remember when tunics draped mannequins’ torsos in store windows across the nation? And remember even as the trend was beginning to fade, it seemed like designers’ images for all shirts had become elongated by a few inches? Well if you do not, I can you personally recall a time, not too long ago, where it felt like almost all my tops could be worn with leggings since they just covered my butt. What comes in must go out though; and I am pleased to announce the fabulous replacement for this, the tunic’s arch-enemy: the midriff! Yes, there are many different cuts to this crop top. I prefer the slightly more fitted ones to the sloppy ones that hang off like leaves a tree branch. My favorite ones are crochet, intricate and totally eye catching. If you’re not all about bearing belly, you can still enjoy this trend by choosing a cropped crochet vest and pairing it over a flower print top, or wearing the midriff with an off-setting color underneath that covers your stomach. If the shirt isn’t two layers, you’re going to want a base anyway (just like on the model at right) These are my top picks:

Macys- $25 $58

Bebe- $79

Bloomingdales- $68

*Picture from Asos

Easy, Breezy, Beautiful… Neck Cover-Up?

I used to think summer scarves were like Uggs in warm weather; why cover up when the weather is begging you to show off and shed those layers?!  In light, breezy cottons though, scarves can be suitable for balmy weather.  They provide you with another fun way to accessorize, and their large square shape is wonderfully versatile.  You don’t have to wear them around your neck, (as I usually choose to do) they fit as belts, head wraps, and even as an extra accessory to tie around your purse.  If you are looking to wear this trend in multiple ways, avoid buying ones tagged “infinity scarves.”  Those particular ones come in a circular shape that can only be wrapped around your neck.  This trend looks best in fun colors and patterns that bring out the season and illuminate you and your taste.  These are some of my picks:

Zara- $15 $15

Roxy- $24 $22

*Picture from thisnext

Rompers: Here To Stay Another Year?

I’ll admit it, if someone had held up a romper five years ago and asked me if I would wear it, regardless of its color, pattern, or fit, I would have laughed.  But with new trend forecasts, my fashion opinions become a little slippery.  It’s not that I force myself to appreciate the nuances of the fashion world and accept unfamiliar articles of clothing, but there is a stronger appeal to something I would never have considered wearing once it becomes big and “in style.”  I am a big advocate for having your own flare; I love to wear vintage, or items outside of the normal realm that are being sold in bulk at Old Navy (nothing against that store, besides, I know the fabulous forever 21 is a similar case).  But a hot trend is a hot trend, and there are a few which must be considered once you see them strutted down the hallway by that hip girl or by the put-together coworker in the adjacent cubicle.  After all, fashion is not like food preferences.  With infinite growth to new styles, your wardrobe is meant to change more than infrequently.  I have my exceptions though, for example metallic leggings and harem pants are just trends that never grew on me…possibly for their magic ways of magnifying your thighs.

Rompers are one of those trends I coveted when I started seeing them in fashion catalogs on svelte models.  I took a liking to ones with mini flower patterns and cozy pockets, but when  I picked them up and ran to the dressing room, they immediately lost a significantly amount of appeal.  For one thing, they tend to be very short; longer ones are awkward, and the shorter ones require great legs.  I also felt a little bit like a giant baby.  It was like toddling in an enlarged childrens onsie, and that was not cute!  I still see people who can rock rompers, but truthfully, most of the time I would of wish they would disappear.  This is why I am pleased to announce my preferred alternative that has hit big this year. (Drum-roll, please?) Jumpsuits!  Yes, another 1970s trend I would have sworn off before it appeared on the glossy pages of Vogue, but now they have me hooked.  Still the one piece trend is a lot to handle, which is why my favorite style comes in silk or cotton, in a dark shade with pants attached to a tank top or tube top.  For those who want to try the trend with more panache, try a bolder versions.  For those of you who are a little less confident but still want to try out the outfit, try a version with super wide legs so it looks like a dress; a dress you don’t have to fret about when you cross your legs.  These are my recommendations:

J.Crew- $213 -$36

Guess- $108

*Picture from CoutureCarrie

Spinning Into The Spotlight: Poufy Tulle Skirts

For the girl in me who never moved beyond ballet level one slippers, hoping to one day glide my feet into the ribbon lace-up point shoes of a professional ballerina, my dreams can still come true. This strenuous activity has brought style out to play with a specific origin of inspiration. You may remember how silk lingerie tops came back into style after 13 Going On 30 was released where Garner’s character debuts a nightie under a cute spring trench on her way to work at a women’s magazine. While in the movie the style is somewhat accidental, the trend reemerged in real life from the depths of the 1980s, alive again in the 2000s. It become an intentional staple under suits, or fully exposed as party tops.









This year the Oscar nominated movie, Black Swan, hit the big screen with rave reviews, especially praising Natalie Portman’s and Mila Kunis’ performances. I skipped the show after hearing about the graphic scenes which sounded less than tantalizing, but my praise would certainly have stemmed from the beautiful costumes. After movies grace us with visions of splendor, they also plant the seeds for trends. This brings me to announcing one of my favorite trends thus far of 2011, the tutu. Well by tutu, I really mean petticoat or tulle skirt, words that will land you many more valuable results on a google search than “tutu.” You probably do not want to go to a non-themed party in a tulle skirt with excessive volume, (hence a tutu) but with limited layers and decent length, this can make a stellar bottom. The elegance of dancers is right on point with the beauty of spring clothing for 2011. I was first wowed by this trend when I saw BCBG skirts on display at Lord and Taylor, but having been unsuccessful relocating them online, you may want to check department stores that carry the brand to see if they are still in stock.

These are my picks for the tutu/petticoat trend: $60

American Apparel- $74

*Pictures from American Apparel and Betsey Johnson