A New Take On The One-Piece

Bathing suits have gone through drastic evolution beginning at the turn of the century as complete dresses or tops and bloomers longer than the average weekday mini-skirt.  Now we can find little more than swatches of fabric tied with string covering the bits of a Sports Illustrated beauty’s body.  While there is less material involved, the style choices have expanded.  There are one-pieces, bikinis, tankinis, and now, monokinis.  The monokini (a term I just learned also means a topless one piece, or just bottoms) was introduced only a few years ago, and I predict it will be sticking with us for many years.  It is really a one-piece, but sometimes the pieces are only connected by an inch of fabric; other times it refers to a one-piece with cutouts in various locations.  If you are uncomfortable strutting your stuff in a bikini, you may want to steer clear of the monokini which flaunts sections of your body like your stomach, back, and/or hips.  However, I’m loving how there are so many different options for this style, and it just takes some dedicated searching to find the right one for you.  These are my picks:

Victoria’s Secret- $88

Roxy- $42

Asos.com- $54

Asos.com- $34

The Fashion Scoop- $136

*Picture from Victoria’s Secret

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