Easy, Breezy, Beautiful… Neck Cover-Up?

I used to think summer scarves were like Uggs in warm weather; why cover up when the weather is begging you to show off and shed those layers?!  In light, breezy cottons though, scarves can be suitable for balmy weather.  They provide you with another fun way to accessorize, and their large square shape is wonderfully versatile.  You don’t have to wear them around your neck, (as I usually choose to do) they fit as belts, head wraps, and even as an extra accessory to tie around your purse.  If you are looking to wear this trend in multiple ways, avoid buying ones tagged “infinity scarves.”  Those particular ones come in a circular shape that can only be wrapped around your neck.  This trend looks best in fun colors and patterns that bring out the season and illuminate you and your taste.  These are some of my picks:

Zara- $15

Alloy.com- $15

Roxy- $24

Asos.com- $22

*Picture from thisnext

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