Make It A Double, Please- Two Finger Rings

Skeptical would be an accurate term to describe how I felt when I spied a specific lovely ornate ring about one month ago.  On the back it had metal loops for not one, but two fingers, which frankly just looked restrictive.  But lucky for me the ring was adjustable and I was enamored with the design, so I put it on and acknowledged that I had been led astray by expecting discomfort.  It was just as wearable as any other ring, and because it was adjustable, it was even closer to a perfect fit.  The best part about it, is how cool I feel every time I slip it on.  It’s feminine and elegant, but also has a tough girl quality the way it spreads across my hand.  I have seen rings which promote themselves through size by vertically covering a whole finger, or with monstrous cubic zirconium gems which look like meteors.  I choose to leave the tawdry jewelry for someone else (you should too.)  Finally, I have located a piece of hand jewelry that is noticeably large in just the right way.  These are my picks: $45

Charlotte Russe- $6 $11

Betsey Johnson- $55 $17

*Picture from Betsey Johnson

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