Rompers: Here To Stay Another Year?

I’ll admit it, if someone had held up a romper five years ago and asked me if I would wear it, regardless of its color, pattern, or fit, I would have laughed.  But with new trend forecasts, my fashion opinions become a little slippery.  It’s not that I force myself to appreciate the nuances of the fashion world and accept unfamiliar articles of clothing, but there is a stronger appeal to something I would never have considered wearing once it becomes big and “in style.”  I am a big advocate for having your own flare; I love to wear vintage, or items outside of the normal realm that are being sold in bulk at Old Navy (nothing against that store, besides, I know the fabulous forever 21 is a similar case).  But a hot trend is a hot trend, and there are a few which must be considered once you see them strutted down the hallway by that hip girl or by the put-together coworker in the adjacent cubicle.  After all, fashion is not like food preferences.  With infinite growth to new styles, your wardrobe is meant to change more than infrequently.  I have my exceptions though, for example metallic leggings and harem pants are just trends that never grew on me…possibly for their magic ways of magnifying your thighs.

Rompers are one of those trends I coveted when I started seeing them in fashion catalogs on svelte models.  I took a liking to ones with mini flower patterns and cozy pockets, but when  I picked them up and ran to the dressing room, they immediately lost a significantly amount of appeal.  For one thing, they tend to be very short; longer ones are awkward, and the shorter ones require great legs.  I also felt a little bit like a giant baby.  It was like toddling in an enlarged childrens onsie, and that was not cute!  I still see people who can rock rompers, but truthfully, most of the time I would of wish they would disappear.  This is why I am pleased to announce my preferred alternative that has hit big this year. (Drum-roll, please?) Jumpsuits!  Yes, another 1970s trend I would have sworn off before it appeared on the glossy pages of Vogue, but now they have me hooked.  Still the one piece trend is a lot to handle, which is why my favorite style comes in silk or cotton, in a dark shade with pants attached to a tank top or tube top.  For those who want to try the trend with more panache, try a bolder versions.  For those of you who are a little less confident but still want to try out the outfit, try a version with super wide legs so it looks like a dress; a dress you don’t have to fret about when you cross your legs.  These are my recommendations:

J.Crew- $213 -$36

Guess- $108

*Picture from CoutureCarrie

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