The Perfect Topper: Fedoras

When I saw a straw fedora online last year I ogled at it for a while before deciding that my closet would not be complete without one.  I cannot explain why my interest had not come to life until that moment.  Sure, there had been a surge in the number of celebrities sporting them, but the hat had been around for a while.  In fact, I used to think of it exclusively as a man’s hat like the newsboy caps you see taxicab drivers wearing, and maybe there is there is some truth to that.  I own four fedoras, one in wool, two summer ones, and one metallic one (I have yet to wear that one.)  After wearing trying it out, I received flattery mostly from boys, and two surprising well intended compliments from men over the age of 55.  But maybe where I went wrong was that it is not a hat for men, it’s a hat appreciated by men.  And if I happen to be the only female on the block wearing it, so be it.  They change the vibe of all attire whether easy thought to denim cutoffs or a casual note to a sundress, not to mention the bit of sun protection they provide.  You probably don’t want to miss out though, so these are my picks:

Nordstom- $48 $8

Free People- $98


*Picture from Asos

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