Designer Corner- Mother’s Day Special

In honor of Mother’s Day this coming Sunday, I thought I would do the Designer Corner on a wonderful jewelry company, Swarovski Crystal.  One great aspect of purchasing crystals is that it eliminates the risk of getting blood diamonds.  In addition, the prices are much more reasonable than diamonds with high karat counts.  My mom loves Swarovski’s necklaces, and I would not be surprised if your mother did as well.  I also hear that getting your mother-in-law a brooch might do the trick in healing her less-than-ideal attitude when visiting : )

These are my tips for shopping Swarovski:

1.     Just like everything else, I think you should go to the store and try the pieces on if you are purchasing them for yourself.  Some of the items look dull on the shelves, but look great jingling on a real arm. Other items looks a tad gaudy in real application.

2.     Perfect for grandmothers, mothers, and even me (yes, I do not have my ears pierced) they have gorgeous clip on earrings that look and feel modern!  In fact, if you like one of the styles, there is no reason why someone who does have pierced ears cannot try them out as well.

3.     If you are a collector, they make beautiful crystal figurines. Just be sure to put them on the top shelf if you have children, they are very fragile.

4.     If you can afford to splurge on an evening clutch, they make lovely ones covered in so much light reflecting “bling” that it would be impossible to misplace it during the night.

Nova Clip Earrings- $90

Nuts Fuchsia Necklace- $38

Piano Ring- $50

*Picture from Swarovski

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