Going Nude

In Taylor Swift’s newly released music video for her song “Mean,” she shows the world of bullies how she will become successful.  She sets the scene off with a stage and a humbling country band, changing to a glitzy dress on a Broadway backdrop with a well groomed back-up group.  The makeup and attitude in the end provides a modern spin on old Hollywood glamour as she spreads the message that it really stinks if all you are is “mean, a liar, pathetic, and alone in life.”  Nice guys prevailing always deserve extra applause.

Today, however, I’m focusing on the nude dress she is seen wearing at the beginning.  Nude has been a popular color this year, whereas in the past it could be critique for washing out the wearer. Now it pop culture is telling us it is demure and fashion-forward, and no one provides better evidence for this than Taylor Swift who has been wearing red and nude as her signature colors since her fame became something to talk about.  You can go different routes with nude but in honor of balmy weather and the underdog, the attention should be brought to the shade in casual silhouettes.  It looks great on shift dresses or layered prairie styles.  These are my picks:

Nordstrom- $328

Topshop- $125

Anthropologie- $298

Charlotte Russe- $27

*Picture from Best-Handmade

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