The Bold And The Beautiful: Hair Accessories

I remember my first formal vividly. I was wildly excited about dancing the night away, gliding through walkways like a debutant, and of course, gabbing with my friends over Pepsi. But oddly enough I was equally as excited for the prep time to look dolled up. I was doing my own hair, so I curled it and wore it half back. I put on my lace dress with matching pumps, but I couldn’t wait until my date arrived to help me finish the look. I had desperately wanted to wear a corsage which seemed to me to be synonymous with all things fun, jubilant, and beautiful. Okay, so I’m being a little dramatic, and to tell the truth the corsage came with its own problems. (Its band was velcro, and kept sticking to my lace dress.) But you do not need a date to complete your look, and I am not recommending buying yourself a well deserved corsage for a good test grade or job promotion. Recently I have become very attached to big hair pieces. They pop even more than something wrapped around your wrist, and are less invasive. I’m talking about pretty clips, combs and headbands. This is not an idea that I expect everyone to jump on the bandwagon with. And yes, there is such a thing as TOO big. Some people may feel silly wearing rhinestone ornamentation or giant flowers on their head, but if you think it is as cool as I do, I say go for it! My picks are similar to each other, but remember, the skies the limit.

Simply Stunning Headband, $40

Rosette Trio Headband, Forever 21- $4

Flower Garland Headband,, $88


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