Peekaboo: The Cold Shoulder

I have always believed that the collar bone and shoulder were body parts that looked hot on everyone regardless of body type. Rarely though does either part get enough attention.  Well the time has come and we’ve got our eyes on clothing displaying a peek of skin in sleeved tops with shoulder exposure.  In the early 2000s the open sleeve style was popular, but now the attention is all on the shoulder with smaller openings that start higher on the shirt.

These are my picks:

The Fashion Scoop- $28 $40 $26 $91

*Picture from Asos

Dress To Impress For Less V

For most professions you are not entitled to wear everyday clothes to work, which might mean drab A-line skirts and tight flats.  The work wardrobe equals yet another reason to look forward to the weekend. Luckily, just in time for those of you who landed on this site, I have selected great pieces to provide you an appropriate outfit that you will actually look forward to show off.  It may even help you overlook your wrath and agony when your psycho boss demands you stay overtime… for the fifth day in a row.

Dress- The Limited -$25

Sweater- Urban Outfitters -$15

Necklace- Charlotte Russe -$7

Shoes- Nine West -$32

Total= $79

*Picture from The Limites

BOW Chika Wow Wow

The bow is the most winsome of all decorative additions to clothing.  While a man is only privileged to wear one as a quirky or dapper form of neckwear, the options for women are unlimited.   Just like the flair of 3-D flowers on display during the Marc Jacobs 2011 spring fashion show, a feature which has now been making distinguished appearances as pop-out pieces attached dresses and tops all over, bows have not been shy or hidden like Waldo.  They are not just being used as prints, or accessories such as ties, belts, or hair-wear, but attached to garments to bring out the lady-luck charm of women.

Dress, Anthropologie- $168

Dress, Betsey Johnson- $168

Shoes, The Fashion Scoop- $298

Headband, Windsor- $11

Blazer, $75

*Picture from Lulus

The New Hemline

Its  time to embrace a reversal of a common annoyance in wearing short skirts and/or dresses.  When sporting a tiny flouncy bottom, a girl may face the problem of her rear giving a slight lift to the back of the skirt given the illusion that the skirt was designed to be longer in the front.  But an intentional sexy style this summer is when the dress picks up in the front and trails in the back.  The look mimics a train without the hassle of excessive dragging fabric slinking behind you. It is often referred to as a mullet skirt or dress for the reverse dip in front and the drama in back. The style can be found on skirts and dresses, even tops, now that revealing a smidgen of skin is fashionable.  However, I personally think the look is most sophisticated on dresses of all sorts of lengths.  These are my picks:

The Fashion Scoop- $145

Free People- $138 $38 $42

*Picture from Free People

Legwear Decoded


Tights- They make your legs appear flawless, keep your your stems protected from nippy weather, and they happen to be the perfect prescription for those rushed days when you misplaced your razor.   Tights can also be an accessory to display style expression.   A pleated skirt serves as the cake while argyle print stockings paired with it are like the sugar flower toppers.  Tights will look professional and you keep you from fussing (as long as they fit right).   Best off all, some companies create tights which can be made to slenderize your midsection and thighs, without excessively squeezing your body or making the disappearing act obvious.  Black tights are good to keep in your closet, but for fall it is all about the patterns and colors.  In sure in my collection of probably upwards of fifty, I have all types of designs, but I’ve never been attracted to bright hues for either leggings or tights.  However, that does not mean that you will be unable to pull it off, the pop of color is trendy and festive.

So what are the differences between tights, stockings, and pantyhose?  It used to be more defined, for example, stockings were basically thigh highs, and pantyhose had to rise to your waist with a thicker top that served as “panties.”  The words are now used more interchangeable with tights as the most accurate term to describe the footwear I’m referring to here.

Leggings-  Leggings are footless legwear made from spandex, which is I estimate to be about three times the thickness of a well made opaque pair of tights.  They were resurrected from the 80s era and have fabulous functionality.  They work perfectly under tunics and short skirts.  I’ve handed a hearty thank-you to the anonymous designers and style icons who brought back leggings.  Avoid metallic ones which are tougher to put on due to less stretch and make you look like an alien cult follower.

Jeggings: The hybrid of jeans and leggings.  These may also be known as pajama jeans… the only difference is that those are cheap, dumb, and creepy.  I am a huge believer in caring about the purchase rather than the store, but nevertheless please do not buy clothing from infomercials! J

Knee Highs- Knee-high socks are chic and adorable.  Unless you are looking to embrace endless stares try to keep them simple.  Stick to solid colors or small detailing.

Leg Warmers- Leg Warmers tried to make a comeback outside of the dance world about five years ago, but with little success.  Luckily, just like they were never fully accepted again, they never fully left us either.  If you have a chucky knit sweater with decently tight sleeves you have yourself a fabulous DIY project waiting to happen.  Like the socks, keep them simple or you may end up looking like Rainbow Brite.

Message me or comment the post if you want sample suggestions for any of the products!

Thanks for reading,


*Picture from People Style Watch

Footwear Of The Future

Lady Gaga.  A name more talked about for her styling and fierce videos than her music. But behind the wearable meat (debatable just how wearable), the opaque veils, and the face-masking makeup, is just a singer who hates being called by her real name, Stefani.  Sorry to burst the bubble, but she was not born this way.  So how does she get picture ready with her costume fashions?  With the work of designers of course!

My sister recently found an article on CNN about Kobi Levi, an Israeli designer who created shoes worn by Gaga in her recent video for the song “Born This Way.”  The shoes are one of kind… and pretty awesome.  After all, if Lady Gaga requested a pair, we are not exactly talking average.  The current collection features slippers, heels, and boots.  Some display a subtle imitation to an object or a creature, such as a dog, doing a heel in chocolate brown leather and adding flapping ears.  Others look exactly like what they represent, like a banana or a slingshot.  Levi finds a way to bring art into wearable fashion.  Be sure to check out the designers named Olive Oyl, Chewing Gum, and Mallard Duck.  And as for possibly being a little freaked out about by finding two boots in one shoe…well you’re not alone.

*Picture from Kobi Levi- Footwear Design


Dress To Impress For Less IV

National holidays are always something to celebrate, but it’s even better when they mean days off from school and work.  Below I coordinated the perfect 4th of July outfit for whatever plans you have lined up. And don’t worry, as always in this category it is shopping on a budget.

Top- $18

Tank- Forever 21- $3

Shorts- Forever 21- $18

Sunglasses- Charlotte Russe- $6

Wedges- Old Navy- $30

Total= $75


Rock That Body

When I was younger I made a lot of promises to myself.  One was that I would never let myself get a pixie cut, even if it was a popular trend amongst older women.  Valid enough. I have let my hair grow long for the majority of my life and have never entered above the shoulders territory since kindergarten.  Another rule was formulated on a day of gym class gymnastics.  The teacher advised us to tuck in our shirts before we tumbled.  At this moment I vowed that unless I was ever in a situation where it was a safety precaution to tuck in clothing, I would not go there.  I have to give myself some credit on this one, tucking in a t-shirt to elastic stretches was a horrendous look, but at this tender age I had not envisioned the future fashions were tops that could never look better than tucked in.  Now I’m almost always tucking in tops in my skirts, sometimes even with pants. Gasp!  Like mothers, sometimes our miniature selves know best, but mostly it is unfair to judge eternity based on a stylistic decision we made when we were nine.

Creating clean lines has been made incredibly simple with the bodysuit.  While not the most comfortable to lounge around in (would you want to live in a bathing suit? I don’t think so…) the look is clean and sexy for parties and other social events.  These are my picks:

American Apparel – $28

The Fashion Scoop- $375 – $40

Urban Outfitters -$42

*Picture from Crushable

A Sunny Angel

My closet is full of color, solids and patterns alike.  I have a keen awareness of  which colors look best on me (red and black) and what colors I should avoid wearing too often (gray and purple).

But little did I know my closet was missing a dose of an essential shade up until last week when a gift arrived in my mailbox.  Wrapped inside the box was a little white dress.  This is not nearly identical to a little black dress, which stereotypically refers to a knee-skimming sheath.  Instead, the little white dress (LWD) is for adventures at garden picnics, backyard butterfly chases, and late afternoon beach strolls.  The dress looks best in a bright white hue, possibly with eyelet detailing or a sweetheart neckline. If you are feeling extra trendy, it will look beautiful with wedges and a wide-brimmed sun-hat, maybe even a piece of turquoise jewelry.  Purchase one of these and it will make your summer days that much sunnier. $63

Hollister- $150

American Eagle- $40

Free People- $188

*Picture from Asos

Designer Corner- Jovani



In honor of the concluding prom season, I thought I would post about one of my favorite dress sites.  It might be related to the fact that the models posing in the clothes are breathtakingly beautiful, or it might be that the black-tie bedazzled masterpieces seem a bit impractical, but Jovani draws me in every time I take a peek at their website.  They keep an eye on the trends and incorporate them in cocktail and ball-gown masterpieces.  The dresses have parallels to Marchesa with their attention to detail, with use of color, and exotic fabric combinations. Most options are even too fancy for prom, as noted in the name of their labels “beyond evening” and “beyond prom,” filled with dresses for pageants and bridal parties.  The merchandize is expensive and their prices are omitted from the site, but it is worth it to feast your eyes by fishing through their online catalog.  Be warned though, as with every good designer there are some duds… in this case, sparkling duds. I advise you to avoid the ones that make you look like an ice skater, a seven layer cake, or a peacock. I know, kind of tempting.  If you find the perfect one though, maybe you’ll even be inspired to throw a glam party, complete with masquerade masks and high style dresses. Don’t forget my invitation :) For those of you who have an excuse to spend the money on one of the dresses, I have picked out a few of my favorites.  It was such a difficult task only choosing a few! Check out this website as well: Net Fashion Avenue. It is a Jovani retailer (and therefore has the prices and provides the opportunity to buy online).

One Shoulder Rosette

Deep Velvet Sea

Blue Mermaid

Black Tie Bow Tie

Flower Girl

*Picture from Jovani Prom Dresses 2012