BOW Chika Wow Wow

The bow is the most winsome of all decorative additions to clothing.  While a man is only privileged to wear one as a quirky or dapper form of neckwear, the options for women are unlimited.   Just like the flair of 3-D flowers on display during the Marc Jacobs 2011 spring fashion show, a feature which has now been making distinguished appearances as pop-out pieces attached dresses and tops all over, bows have not been shy or hidden like Waldo.  They are not just being used as prints, or accessories such as ties, belts, or hair-wear, but attached to garments to bring out the lady-luck charm of women.

Dress, Anthropologie- $168

Dress, Betsey Johnson- $168

Shoes, The Fashion Scoop- $298

Headband, Windsor- $11

Blazer, $75

*Picture from Lulus

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