Footwear Of The Future

Lady Gaga.  A name more talked about for her styling and fierce videos than her music. But behind the wearable meat (debatable just how wearable), the opaque veils, and the face-masking makeup, is just a singer who hates being called by her real name, Stefani.  Sorry to burst the bubble, but she was not born this way.  So how does she get picture ready with her costume fashions?  With the work of designers of course!

My sister recently found an article on CNN about Kobi Levi, an Israeli designer who created shoes worn by Gaga in her recent video for the song “Born This Way.”  The shoes are one of kind… and pretty awesome.  After all, if Lady Gaga requested a pair, we are not exactly talking average.  The current collection features slippers, heels, and boots.  Some display a subtle imitation to an object or a creature, such as a dog, doing a heel in chocolate brown leather and adding flapping ears.  Others look exactly like what they represent, like a banana or a slingshot.  Levi finds a way to bring art into wearable fashion.  Be sure to check out the designers named Olive Oyl, Chewing Gum, and Mallard Duck.  And as for possibly being a little freaked out about by finding two boots in one shoe…well you’re not alone.

*Picture from Kobi Levi- Footwear Design


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