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Tights- They make your legs appear flawless, keep your your stems protected from nippy weather, and they happen to be the perfect prescription for those rushed days when you misplaced your razor.   Tights can also be an accessory to display style expression.   A pleated skirt serves as the cake while argyle print stockings paired with it are like the sugar flower toppers.  Tights will look professional and you keep you from fussing (as long as they fit right).   Best off all, some companies create tights which can be made to slenderize your midsection and thighs, without excessively squeezing your body or making the disappearing act obvious.  Black tights are good to keep in your closet, but for fall it is all about the patterns and colors.  In sure in my collection of probably upwards of fifty, I have all types of designs, but I’ve never been attracted to bright hues for either leggings or tights.  However, that does not mean that you will be unable to pull it off, the pop of color is trendy and festive.

So what are the differences between tights, stockings, and pantyhose?  It used to be more defined, for example, stockings were basically thigh highs, and pantyhose had to rise to your waist with a thicker top that served as “panties.”  The words are now used more interchangeable with tights as the most accurate term to describe the footwear I’m referring to here.

Leggings-  Leggings are footless legwear made from spandex, which is I estimate to be about three times the thickness of a well made opaque pair of tights.  They were resurrected from the 80s era and have fabulous functionality.  They work perfectly under tunics and short skirts.  I’ve handed a hearty thank-you to the anonymous designers and style icons who brought back leggings.  Avoid metallic ones which are tougher to put on due to less stretch and make you look like an alien cult follower.

Jeggings: The hybrid of jeans and leggings.  These may also be known as pajama jeans… the only difference is that those are cheap, dumb, and creepy.  I am a huge believer in caring about the purchase rather than the store, but nevertheless please do not buy clothing from infomercials! J

Knee Highs- Knee-high socks are chic and adorable.  Unless you are looking to embrace endless stares try to keep them simple.  Stick to solid colors or small detailing.

Leg Warmers- Leg Warmers tried to make a comeback outside of the dance world about five years ago, but with little success.  Luckily, just like they were never fully accepted again, they never fully left us either.  If you have a chucky knit sweater with decently tight sleeves you have yourself a fabulous DIY project waiting to happen.  Like the socks, keep them simple or you may end up looking like Rainbow Brite.

Message me or comment the post if you want sample suggestions for any of the products!

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*Picture from People Style Watch

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