Rock That Body

When I was younger I made a lot of promises to myself.  One was that I would never let myself get a pixie cut, even if it was a popular trend amongst older women.  Valid enough. I have let my hair grow long for the majority of my life and have never entered above the shoulders territory since kindergarten.  Another rule was formulated on a day of gym class gymnastics.  The teacher advised us to tuck in our shirts before we tumbled.  At this moment I vowed that unless I was ever in a situation where it was a safety precaution to tuck in clothing, I would not go there.  I have to give myself some credit on this one, tucking in a t-shirt to elastic stretches was a horrendous look, but at this tender age I had not envisioned the future fashions were tops that could never look better than tucked in.  Now I’m almost always tucking in tops in my skirts, sometimes even with pants. Gasp!  Like mothers, sometimes our miniature selves know best, but mostly it is unfair to judge eternity based on a stylistic decision we made when we were nine.

Creating clean lines has been made incredibly simple with the bodysuit.  While not the most comfortable to lounge around in (would you want to live in a bathing suit? I don’t think so…) the look is clean and sexy for parties and other social events.  These are my picks:

American Apparel – $28

The Fashion Scoop- $375 – $40

Urban Outfitters -$42

*Picture from Crushable

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