The New Hemline

Its  time to embrace a reversal of a common annoyance in wearing short skirts and/or dresses.  When sporting a tiny flouncy bottom, a girl may face the problem of her rear giving a slight lift to the back of the skirt given the illusion that the skirt was designed to be longer in the front.  But an intentional sexy style this summer is when the dress picks up in the front and trails in the back.  The look mimics a train without the hassle of excessive dragging fabric slinking behind you. It is often referred to as a mullet skirt or dress for the reverse dip in front and the drama in back. The style can be found on skirts and dresses, even tops, now that revealing a smidgen of skin is fashionable.  However, I personally think the look is most sophisticated on dresses of all sorts of lengths.  These are my picks:

The Fashion Scoop- $145

Free People- $138 $38 $42

*Picture from Free People

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