Product Review: Milani Multitasker Face Powder

This face powder comes in a compact with a divider between the mirror and applicator pad and the powder. It’s marked with an intricate design that is raised on the powder but sadly disappears after a few times use. The sponge provided was surprisingly velvety and wasn’t abrasive on my skin, which has happened with other drugstore brands powder-puff. The powder is called “multitasker,” supposedly serving as a setter, finisher, and blotter. The package also says it provides light to medium coverage. The claim is true. This face powder is not to be used as a substitute for foundation or concealer, especially for people like me who use liquid forms. However, it may help you lightly the load on your face or in your handbag since you will be doing less blotting and you won’t need both a color and translucent powder. You can dispose of shine-free sheets which are awkwardly used to dab off sweat and oil as you dance the night away. The color applies evenly and somewhat naturally. I went a shade darker than my normal skin pigment so I would not looked washed out (a horrible appearance for pictures). Light/Medium has warm yellow undertones and was relatively light but certainly did not make me look ghostly. The color added pigment to my fair face but since it was far from my natural color I had to apply it everywhere and rub it in well to avoid the devastating pancake face. The product is made with talc (just like nearly all non-mineral makeup) which can be harmful to your lungs when breathed in, but it has been used by the makeup industry for years so. Swoop your brush in at a bit of a distance and avoid dusting directly under your nostrils and you should be okay. If you use the product 6 times a week, as an approximate estimation it should last about 3 and a half months.

To purchase right off of Milani’s website or view other colors, click here:

Milani Multitasker Face Powder- $6.99

Product Review: Black Magic Eye Liner And Eye Glimmer In Sterling

This eye pencil has a glittery color on one side and a dark, solid pigment on the other end.  The silver glitter added a lovely luminescence to my peepers.  The pencil is a little bit thicker than most, but still easy to make a precise line with.  I actually liked how the tip had a slightly wider diameter because it allowed me to smudge the black liner and create sexy smoky eyes.

You can wear either shade alone, or my favorite look, together, but the glitter should be worn only to parties or nighttime social events to jazz up your ordinary look.  Since black eye liner is a staple, it means you will probably go through the pencil quicker than other products.  It’s worth it to get a couple of these in different colors.  I look forward to checking out the teal!

The liner lasts, but be sure to wear translucent powder over the black.  In the intense humidity my liner smeared more than I would have liked it to.  Also, as with any product that is designed with glitter instead of shimmer, it is tougher to remove.  However, you should be fine if you rub a cotton swab over the leftover sparkling particles.

To purchase right off of Milani’s website or view other colors, click here:

Milani Black Magic Eyeliner- $6.99

Product Review: Milani HD Advanced Lip Color in Raspberry Blush

This lipstick comes in a sleek package that is thin enough to fit in a tiny wristlet, or even your pocket, without excessive bulging.  The lipstick rises with the turn of the tube, like any other, but this one clicks so the level of the tube raises slower than normal.  This is helpful for those of us who accidentally cap it without lowering the tube and squash the lipstick formula.

The name Raspberry Blush is very fitting; the company found the perfect way to describe the shade.  However, the sticker on the product and the color on the website is darker than what will appear on your lips in person.  The shade is in between a red and a pink (it is a berry) and it goes on with a lovely sheer pigment so it’s not too crazy for everyday wear.  It really did brighten my whole face!  Miraculously, I put it on one day to go out, intending to wear a full face of makeup, and I nearly forgot to apply blush because my face already looked perky from the lipstick alone.  This lipstick can do more than the 9-5 hour day; it can work for the whole 24 hours and suit any event.  The shade is easy to pull off and I think it would look great for all different skin tones.  I wore it over lip balm and my mouth stayed hydrated for a long time.  Immediately I noticed the sheer pigment (which can be made heavier with multiple coats) and its moisturizing effect, the two product claims advertised online.  The color does not last all day, but a hint of color will remain for quite some time.  And don’t forget, it is small enough that you can put it in your pocketbook and therefore you always have the opportunity to reapply!  In addition to a positive response for the product, the company, Milani Cosmetics, has incredibly kind and helpful representatives who I’m sure will be a terrific aid if you have product questions.

To purchase right off of Milani’s website or view other colors, click here:

Milani HD Advanced Lip Color- $8.99

Peppy Crush

The peplum skirt had its moment but now it is time for shirts to get the same volume surge.  A “peplum” on a skirt or dress is a single ruffle that sprouts from the piece like its own layer, starting at the top of the skirt and usually extending to ¼ of the length of the entire bottom.  On a top, the peplum style is closer to a single frill that extends from the end of the shirt.  The look is polished and feminine but also defined only by a simple detail that makes the cute purchase a no-brainer.  In corset or tank top form, the top is perfect for second dates and alfresco brunches. $45

PacSun- $20

The Fashion Scoop- $187 $40

*Picture from Mooshie


Change Can Be Good!

I’m excited to announce some new changes happening here on  At present, I’m working with my website designer to pick a new layout and spruce up the site.  I am also excited to announce I will be starting to post product reviews on here, beginning in the next week with makeup ratings.  Our first one will feature a few products from Milani Cosmetics.  I am working hard to get the scoop out to you!  If you have any questions, suggestions, or ideas, please shoot me an email and I’ll gladly do my best to assist you.  Also, if you are a company looking to get your fashion or makeup products reviewed, please notify me via email at  That’s all for now!

Have an excellent day,


Color Block Heels

Today, walking past Bakers Shoes’ store, I spied a window full of glorious pumps.  My favorite pair had a thick strap which crossed over the front of the foot and a thin strap with a buckle around the ankle. They were suede color block heels.  I had been ignoring the color block trend; it seemed like an excuse for clashing to become even more fashionable.  The pattern pile-on phenomena, mixing floral and stripes, was plenty for me to have already taken in during the past year. But now, shining like a star, was this pair of shoes silently yelling “pick me.” A  jewel-toned attraction to be sure.

You can participate in the color block trend in many ways, but with shoes, the work is done for you. If you want to keep the rest of your outfit simple, the bold pop of color is already accounted for, and you will look polished from head to toe.   Next time you want to wear blue, and green, and purple, AND red, think about doing it crisply with a pair of funky heels. These are my picks:

Bakers- $40 $143

Urban Outfitters- $20 $48


Dress to Impress For Less VI- Back To School: Classic Couture

This is the first of a slew of back to school outfits I’ve assembled for you.  Be prepared to stand out and be a knock-out, not like you weren’t one already.  The real New Year’s Day might be in January, but September is your best shot at starting fresh and following new resolutions.  (Just like Sunday starts the real week, but we all know those manic Mondays should count as the week’s opener.)  So grab your plastic, and let’s get outfitted in some fresh threads!

Top, Old Navy- $25

Shorts, $20

Bracelet, Forever 21- $4

Necklace, The Limited- $15

Shoes, Forever 21- $21

Total- $85

I Dream Of Jeanie

Who doesn’t love wearing a great pair of jeans?  For all you lucky denim lovers, the craze has planted itself in a position of popularity that is here to stay now, and well, not quite forever… but for a while!  This fall, it’s not enough to have denim pants in any or all cuts.  Add a casual girl-next-door vibe by purchasing a button down skirt or a denim vest.  If you’re feeling risky, pile it all on at once!  After all, clothing companies are encouraging us to layer different denim pieces in one look for the first time since acid washed jeans were complemented with matching jackets, circa 1980.  Of course, pulling this off requires varying the shades of denim.

I challenge you to see how many pieces you can put together while still making your outfit a class act.  Tell me about the results and send pictures to! And while chambray is not quite denim, I’ll even let it slide : )  These are my picks:

Shoes, Calvin Klein- $50

Jacket, Nordstrom- $69

Jeans, The Fashion Scoop- $189

Skirt, Miss Sixty- $83

*Picture from College Fashion

Test Drive: Four Of A Kind

I’ve heard about sartorial test drives for all sorts of styles that slowly became mainstream but still seemed goofy in their early stages of attention: super high waisted-jeans, metallic leggings, and even beach bling belly chains.  This past month I test drove my new closet addition…a perfectly normal dress.  A short cotton dress (black top with plaid bottom) paired with kitten heel loafers and a thick black belt.  Not too risqué, not too conservative, and certainly not extremely eye-catching.  I did not stand out from the crowd, but actually  due to (a not yet disclosed) catch, I stood even less apart than you would expect… which is actually what drummed up so much attention.  See, I was not the only one wearing this dress. I was in the clothing company of my two sisters, as well as my mom.

We’ll pretend this heinous action was a dare and not my mother’s obsolete dream of sporting mother daughter dresses.  We went to a restaurant, shopping mall, and grocery store as a family, all in the identical dress.  The idea was absurd but easily doable.  My sister had recently purchased the dress for all four of us.  The difficult part was the actual execution which required confidence, a sense of humor, and family spirit from all participants.  Spending time in the restaurant was fine, it was mostly family present and relatively empty besides our party attendees.  The waiters barely thought twice about it, except for the mix-up of handing out my order to my sister.  The throngs of people skating though the mall brought about a different degree of attention though.  If anyone seemed to be freaked out or amused, it tended to be men.  Waiting for someone to return, or contemplating which store to visit next, they stopped in their tracks and followed our footsteps with their eyes.  Sometimes they found it fascinating, possibly even cute, and other times they seem plain appalled.

By the time I was at a store where the chance of knowing people (past high school cronies, neighbors, or co-workers) was great, I wanted to duck.  Longing for any sweater that was left at home, I rushed to the fruit aisle, bought blueberries and a frozen necessity, tart yogurt, and got the heck out of there as quick as my feet could carry me.

As weird as it was to be with three others who dressed alike, there was a safety in numbers that was more assuring than when the group divided, two and two.  You feel better knowing there are more weirdos who are willing to follow you, more laughter, and of course, more swagger steps.  Though please, reserve the twin dresses for Halloween!

The Tribal Trend

You’re taking a casual stroll and suddenly you hear the distant beat of bongo drums echo in the distance.  You turn around to face the direction of the noise, but there are no instruments, just the clickity-clack of espadrilles…tribal style ones that conjure thoughts of the wild, the sweltering sun, and the festive beat of music.  Now is the time…the animals prints are out and wild, the feathers hang low, and the prints zig-zag in blended shades of orange, brown, and yellow.  These are my picks:

 Dress, Forever 21- $20

Cropped Sweatshirt, Charlotte Russe- $23

Skirt, $57

Earrings, The Fashion Scoop- $53

*Picture from Nordstrom

The Votes Are In

Every month my favorite magazine, Glamour, has a mini question session at the end of their interview with their feature makeup expert.  The questions name brief scenarios or products and ask the person if it seems worth it.  I thought this would be a great way for me to weigh in on fads or ideas.  Like my other posts, it is an opinionated column, but the great part is that you have the freedom to take or leave my advice… remember I try to make my responses useful bits of wisdom : )

1. Feather or colored hair extension strips:

Worth it.  It’s a great way to mix it up without worrying about roots, making a mess, or spending a fortune.  If you don’t end up liking them, it’s easy peasy to remove; but even better, it’s easy enough to get the gist of how they will appear in your hair before you put hook it in temporarily.

2. Paying big bucks for a small item:

That Marc Jacobs change purse you have your eye on?  If you know you’ll get use out of it, then go for it.  If you place it in your wagon on a whim and your best reason for buying it is related to pressure from your posh friend who you want to impress, then skip the purchase.

3. Scouring the racks

Worth it. Sure, it takes time to search high and low, especially at a store that’s huge (3 floor Forever 21 anyone?) or one that’s in disarray (Marshalls) but you’ll be able to find the great stuff others before you didn’t have the patience to try on.  I have friends who can’t do this, and sometimes even I’m not in the mood to spend my time searching without success. However, I don’t just love buying, I love shopping.  So for me, most of the time, taking time to scour the store is almost a perk.

3. Wearing junk when you feel crappy

I have two opposing answers to this.  Are you feeling crappy because you’re sick with a stomach ache or a fever, or are you just having an off day?  If the answer is “yes” to the second I say it’s worth it to wake up and get dressed in something dapper to put a little pep in your depressed step.  Like they say, you never know who you will run into.  However, if it’s just been an atrocious week or you’re about ready to vomit PLEASE give yourself a break. I give you credit for even leaving your bed, and no one is going to judge you for wearing sweatpants one in a while because you’re feeling a little green or extremely blue.

Shake It!

Flappers, move aside! The fringe that is here this summer lines the sleeves and hems of tops and is a little frisky and a lot of fun.  Best of all, the look is unfussy and not over the top like the tiered, stringy dresses of the 20s. Tops with a few up and down slits are popping up all over the place.  The shirts go great with denim (shorts or pants) and create the perfect base for comfortable concert attire. $30

The Fashion Scoop- $77

Nordstrom- $15 $50

*Picture from Threadscene

Fanny Packs- A New Favorite?

Cue the ominous music, something frightening has struck.  A short time after the hobo bag went on a hiatus, the cross-body bag launched full force competing with the vintage style the handlebar purse and oversized  clutches.  One type of pouch we never thought would get another chance was the dreadful fanny pack.  Hopeful that the look was dead forever I proudly trashed talked the fad loud and proud.  Slowly but surely I started seeing younger and more fashionable women sporting them, now twisted to secure on the side of their hip rather than 180 degrees from their actual fanny. We can be grateful that most are not designed in pigments such as highlighter yellow, and clementine orange.  The runway showed models sporting designer bags that had more similarities to the fanny pack than any average purse, but a few adjustments have been made.  The new shape is less like a fruit slice and more rectangular, and most of them made in buttery leathers instead of synthetic fabrics.  So are fanny packs really acceptable for holding money and a little more?  Personally, I don’t feel comfortable having my pocketbook attached to more body, even if it brings a little more security.  But is it a go for the reinvented pouch-wear?  That would be a yes.  Five years ago wearing one was an egregious fashion faux pas, but time changes things.  So if this is the day you’ve been waiting for I’m giving you the stamp of approval to seize the moment and wear a fanny pack even if you’re not a mom at an amusement park.