Product Review: Black Magic Eye Liner And Eye Glimmer In Sterling

This eye pencil has a glittery color on one side and a dark, solid pigment on the other end.  The silver glitter added a lovely luminescence to my peepers.  The pencil is a little bit thicker than most, but still easy to make a precise line with.  I actually liked how the tip had a slightly wider diameter because it allowed me to smudge the black liner and create sexy smoky eyes.

You can wear either shade alone, or my favorite look, together, but the glitter should be worn only to parties or nighttime social events to jazz up your ordinary look.  Since black eye liner is a staple, it means you will probably go through the pencil quicker than other products.  It’s worth it to get a couple of these in different colors.  I look forward to checking out the teal!

The liner lasts, but be sure to wear translucent powder over the black.  In the intense humidity my liner smeared more than I would have liked it to.  Also, as with any product that is designed with glitter instead of shimmer, it is tougher to remove.  However, you should be fine if you rub a cotton swab over the leftover sparkling particles.

To purchase right off of Milani’s website or view other colors, click here:

Milani Black Magic Eyeliner- $6.99

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