Color Block Heels

Today, walking past Bakers Shoes’ store, I spied a window full of glorious pumps.  My favorite pair had a thick strap which crossed over the front of the foot and a thin strap with a buckle around the ankle. They were suede color block heels.  I had been ignoring the color block trend; it seemed like an excuse for clashing to become even more fashionable.  The pattern pile-on phenomena, mixing floral and stripes, was plenty for me to have already taken in during the past year. But now, shining like a star, was this pair of shoes silently yelling “pick me.” A  jewel-toned attraction to be sure.

You can participate in the color block trend in many ways, but with shoes, the work is done for you. If you want to keep the rest of your outfit simple, the bold pop of color is already accounted for, and you will look polished from head to toe.   Next time you want to wear blue, and green, and purple, AND red, think about doing it crisply with a pair of funky heels. These are my picks:

Bakers- $40 $143

Urban Outfitters- $20 $48


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