Fanny Packs- A New Favorite?

Cue the ominous music, something frightening has struck.  A short time after the hobo bag went on a hiatus, the cross-body bag launched full force competing with the vintage style the handlebar purse and oversized  clutches.  One type of pouch we never thought would get another chance was the dreadful fanny pack.  Hopeful that the look was dead forever I proudly trashed talked the fad loud and proud.  Slowly but surely I started seeing younger and more fashionable women sporting them, now twisted to secure on the side of their hip rather than 180 degrees from their actual fanny. We can be grateful that most are not designed in pigments such as highlighter yellow, and clementine orange.  The runway showed models sporting designer bags that had more similarities to the fanny pack than any average purse, but a few adjustments have been made.  The new shape is less like a fruit slice and more rectangular, and most of them made in buttery leathers instead of synthetic fabrics.  So are fanny packs really acceptable for holding money and a little more?  Personally, I don’t feel comfortable having my pocketbook attached to more body, even if it brings a little more security.  But is it a go for the reinvented pouch-wear?  That would be a yes.  Five years ago wearing one was an egregious fashion faux pas, but time changes things.  So if this is the day you’ve been waiting for I’m giving you the stamp of approval to seize the moment and wear a fanny pack even if you’re not a mom at an amusement park.

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  1. There is no amount of fashion sense that will make me wear a fanny pack again. It had its practical moments but please this is one fashion that should stay in the closet. (I may have it in the back, on the floor).

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