I Dream Of Jeanie

Who doesn’t love wearing a great pair of jeans?  For all you lucky denim lovers, the craze has planted itself in a position of popularity that is here to stay now, and well, not quite forever… but for a while!  This fall, it’s not enough to have denim pants in any or all cuts.  Add a casual girl-next-door vibe by purchasing a button down skirt or a denim vest.  If you’re feeling risky, pile it all on at once!  After all, clothing companies are encouraging us to layer different denim pieces in one look for the first time since acid washed jeans were complemented with matching jackets, circa 1980.  Of course, pulling this off requires varying the shades of denim.

I challenge you to see how many pieces you can put together while still making your outfit a class act.  Tell me about the results and send pictures to amy@fashionscoopblog.com! And while chambray is not quite denim, I’ll even let it slide : )  These are my picks:

Shoes, Calvin Klein- $50

Jacket, Nordstrom- $69

Jeans, The Fashion Scoop- $189

Skirt, Miss Sixty- $83

*Picture from College Fashion

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