Product Review: Milani HD Advanced Lip Color in Raspberry Blush

This lipstick comes in a sleek package that is thin enough to fit in a tiny wristlet, or even your pocket, without excessive bulging.  The lipstick rises with the turn of the tube, like any other, but this one clicks so the level of the tube raises slower than normal.  This is helpful for those of us who accidentally cap it without lowering the tube and squash the lipstick formula.

The name Raspberry Blush is very fitting; the company found the perfect way to describe the shade.  However, the sticker on the product and the color on the website is darker than what will appear on your lips in person.  The shade is in between a red and a pink (it is a berry) and it goes on with a lovely sheer pigment so it’s not too crazy for everyday wear.  It really did brighten my whole face!  Miraculously, I put it on one day to go out, intending to wear a full face of makeup, and I nearly forgot to apply blush because my face already looked perky from the lipstick alone.  This lipstick can do more than the 9-5 hour day; it can work for the whole 24 hours and suit any event.  The shade is easy to pull off and I think it would look great for all different skin tones.  I wore it over lip balm and my mouth stayed hydrated for a long time.  Immediately I noticed the sheer pigment (which can be made heavier with multiple coats) and its moisturizing effect, the two product claims advertised online.  The color does not last all day, but a hint of color will remain for quite some time.  And don’t forget, it is small enough that you can put it in your pocketbook and therefore you always have the opportunity to reapply!  In addition to a positive response for the product, the company, Milani Cosmetics, has incredibly kind and helpful representatives who I’m sure will be a terrific aid if you have product questions.

To purchase right off of Milani’s website or view other colors, click here:

Milani HD Advanced Lip Color- $8.99

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