Product Review: Milani Multitasker Face Powder

This face powder comes in a compact with a divider between the mirror and applicator pad and the powder. It’s marked with an intricate design that is raised on the powder but sadly disappears after a few times use. The sponge provided was surprisingly velvety and wasn’t abrasive on my skin, which has happened with other drugstore brands powder-puff. The powder is called “multitasker,” supposedly serving as a setter, finisher, and blotter. The package also says it provides light to medium coverage. The claim is true. This face powder is not to be used as a substitute for foundation or concealer, especially for people like me who use liquid forms. However, it may help you lightly the load on your face or in your handbag since you will be doing less blotting and you won’t need both a color and translucent powder. You can dispose of shine-free sheets which are awkwardly used to dab off sweat and oil as you dance the night away. The color applies evenly and somewhat naturally. I went a shade darker than my normal skin pigment so I would not looked washed out (a horrible appearance for pictures). Light/Medium has warm yellow undertones and was relatively light but certainly did not make me look ghostly. The color added pigment to my fair face but since it was far from my natural color I had to apply it everywhere and rub it in well to avoid the devastating pancake face. The product is made with talc (just like nearly all non-mineral makeup) which can be harmful to your lungs when breathed in, but it has been used by the makeup industry for years so. Swoop your brush in at a bit of a distance and avoid dusting directly under your nostrils and you should be okay. If you use the product 6 times a week, as an approximate estimation it should last about 3 and a half months.

To purchase right off of Milani’s website or view other colors, click here:

Milani Multitasker Face Powder- $6.99

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