A Bright Blaze(r)

People chuckle when they reflect on their fashion faux -pauses of the 80s.  So passé? Think again. Tremendously teased hair and frosty bubble gum lipstick are two things that victimized high profile women in favor of following fashion but there are many other things we can be grateful for which were debuted in that decade. One item worth mentioning happens to be very popular right now: hotly hued blazers.  The jacket can bethe slightly elongated referred to as a “boyfriend blazer” and sometimes worn with rolled up sleeves for a relaxed look.  The story high shoulder pads of the 80s have been removed and the geometric shaped buttons ripped off; the updated look on the market are functional and the perfect seasonal transition piece. These are my picks:

Threadsence.com- $62

The Fashion Scoop- $328

Urban Outfitters- $78

*Picture from J.Crew


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