Designer Corner- Lacoste

It is time for pay homage to sporty style, a category often neglected by me and my favorite shopping websites.  The fact of the matter is though, pragmatic active wear deserves its own dresser drawer.   A designer who specializes in this is type of fashion is Lacoste, exporting items from the French label to the United States since the 1950s.  Shopping to cover all bases, head to toe, man or woman, child or adult can be done in one stop shopping with the Lacoste brand. You recognize the label by the small alligator insignia tagging nearly all casual items. They have even taken their symbol like Ralph Lauren Polo and inflated it on items like their original short sleeve tops making the amphibian unmistakable for any sort of imitation icon.

1. Buy classic.  They are always adding things to their more favored and standard pieces, drawstrings, extra buttons, an overbearing pattern, etc. Usually I am all for stepping out of the norm, but the tops which are not embellished with extra things are the timeless ones you can wear year after year without looking like a jester.

Shirt- $88

2. Be sure to check out the cute athletic gear, especially sneakers.  I love walking shoes that aren’t bulky!  For serious work-outs and sports activities you need a thick sole and a heavier shoe than most of ones they sell, but for a light game of tennis, or walks in the park, get a shapely shoe that provides excellent comfort.  Be the best dressed girl on the court with their apparel designed for tennis and golf.

Tennis skirt- $37

3. Flaunt your purchase.  It’s exciting to buy designer brands, but shirts that say Juicy Couture and Marc Jacobs in huge letters just for the heck of it?  You’re not a billboard and advertising like that should be making you money, not the other way around.  I can handle nonchalant wording or a headband worth of Burberry’s tartan print, but I especially HATE when fancy items like pretty dresses are labeled in an egregious font on the outside.  Lacoste’s small insignia shows off your savvy shopper skills and pricey purchase without appearing ostentatious.

Shoes- $59

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