My Two Cents: A Pair Of Penny Loafers

Along with striving for total gender equality in the workforce (starting with eliminating sexual harassment and evening out comparative pay) I would like to see fairness in dressing expectations as well. Probably not as essential or urgent, but doesn’t it seem cheap that women show up to clubs in cocktail dresses doused with sequins and men wear baggy shirts and backwards hats?  Some effort! But even if men refuse to seize the opportunity to look hot, girls can steal their chance in clothes with a masculine flair.  Paired with obvious girly touches such as polka dots, lace, Peter Pan collars, etc. menswear pieces can make women look sexy and polished.  Wave goodbye to the flared frocks and say hello to unisex picks, vests, wool fedoras, and long blazers.  As far as shoes, flat loafers are the perfect pick for fancy or casual wear.  There is no need to sacrifice style for comfort when borrowing tips from the boys.  Sadly, penny loafers don’t cost that as little as their name denotes, but if it is any consolation, you will look a million bucks. These are my picks:

Topshop- $20

Old Navy- $25

J.Crew- $148 $63

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