The Weigh In- Undergarments Edition

1. White bra- Not necessary. In fact, someone once asked me, “Why were white bras even invented?” If the hue of purity particularly appeals to you, then by all means, wear it, just realize white is never a replacement for beige. It is a common misconception that white camouflages well under white shirts. Just because layering the same color works for other shades does not mean there cannot be an exception and this is one.

2. Silk robe- A garment considered sexy for its exposure of leg, it’s easily untied sash, and slippery soft fabric. However, a silk robe should be treated as lingerie.  When you come out of the shower you’ll freeze and soak through it. Trust me, It is much better to try a heavy fleece style instead for drying off.

3. Slip- As dresses take a turn for the more complex and sheerer, a slip becomes an even greater investment. I bought one for a chiffon dress that had two air-thin layers and was still see-through. I don’t wear it often but it comes in handy when I find my eye sparkle at something a little unconventional. It gives me confidence that I know no one can peek at something meant to be hidden.

4. Black tights- There is seriously no excuse to not have a pair.  I like to say you can never have enough because, goodness, these things are MADE to pull, tear, and run. That being said, they pull together an outfit and even make summery floral dresses function for winter. Brilliant!