Favored Fluff- Feathered Skirts

Seeking a girly festivity look without frills?  Then you will want buy a fully feathered skirt.  Yes, it is ostentatious on its own, but it becomes toned down when you wear it with something causal like a fitted t-shirt. Or, as shown in Seventeen and Glamour Magazine, you can make it preppy with a cable knit or cashmere sweater.  If you only make one splurge during the season it should be a feathered skirt. It will make even the dullest party seem…kind of cool.(Sometimes dressing up is half the fun!)  You may have seen pictures of celebrities in longer styles but I find the ones that hit above the knee to be more useful, not to mention cuter and cheaper.  If you are feeling really daring, select a bold color like an electric blue or hot pink.  If donning a feathered skirt is enough of a style jump for you then choose an ivory or a black instead.

The Fashion Scoop- $121

Asos.com- $50


What A Stud!

I am guilty of buying clothing I have to fuss with.  Name a fashion dilemma and I have probably dealt with it—constantly tugging to hide bra-straps, pulling down clingy skirts, concealing runs in my favorite tights, dealing with those pesky hanger-straps.  Experiencing these problems amount to one thing: I know that looking put together sometimes requires work.

So without further ado, let me formally introduce you to simple accessory piece that can make a woman’s life easier.  With a studded crossbody bag you get the attitude of rockstar with the handiness of a pouch you do not have to clutch.  A studded bag with a thin strap that drapes across your body never gets lost or in the way.  I am jealous that guys can just tuck their ID and credit cards in a wallet that slides into one of their eight pockets, but girls use pocketbooks to their advantage by treating it as an accessory.  Since I also like to have a little more on me, some lipgloss, mints, the girl’s emergency kit my friend just bought me from Sephora, I can suck it up, buy a nice purse, and be satisfied.  These are my picks:

The Fashion Scoop- $295

TopShop- $60

Urban Outfitters- $218


Motel Rocks + Discount Code

Motel Rocks is a website which exclusively carries the Motel brand also sold by providers that you know, Asos, TopShop, and Nasty Gal.  Motelrocks.com has recently added their holiday collection where you will find lots of sequins covered form fitting dresses, equal parts naughty and nice.  Other items include vintage inspired frocks and party dresses in stylish prints like leopard and mod patterns.  Be sure to also check out the jeans which you won’t be able to find anywhere else!   

Sound intriguing?  Fashion Scoop Blog readers are getting hooked up with a discount.  With any order you make at Motelrocks.com punch in Sequin15 at checkout for a 15 percent off discount! The code is valid between November 28th-Decmber 4th. Browse now and buy then.

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*Picture from Motel Rocks

My Own Store Opening!

I have VERY exciting news! Fashion Scoop Blog now has a store in conjunction with StoreOwners.com.  The Fashion Scoop is up now and features brands such as Free People, Elizabeth and James, Splendid, Steve Madden and a whole lot more! On the site I will be able to give you advice and style personalized collections. Of course I will still be blogging here  and doing reviews just as frequently, but now you have one more place to shop and I promise it is worth the recommendation. Check it out and tell me what you think! If there is something you want to see more of let me know and I will do my best to add it to The Fashion Scoop. Spread the word!



*Picture from The Fashion Scoop

Designer Corner- BCBG

With BCBG there is something for every posh lady out there. They have items with crazy shapes, sheer material, and asymmetrical draping. They also carry other things like solid silk button downs and pencil skirts.  Their seasonal styles are not unpredictable, just varied.  From age 20-80 you can get a wardrobe for weddings, grocery shopping, and getting drinks with co-workers.

-Know that for different price ranges the brand has other lines, BCBG Generation which is the cheapest and Herve Leger, well known for the steep price tags. You’ll need a big paycheck to shell out for one of his famous bandage dresses but they are worth oogling.

-The website currently has a fun quiz that will set you up with a great style.  Be sure to browse for yourself, but it is the fastest way to locate your best pieces.

-Their dresses fit perfectly.  I have four of them and they all fit like a glove. This does not mean that just because you try on a 4 in one dress you will be a 4 in all their dresses.  What I do mean is that once you find the right size in that particularly dress it will be flattering all around.

Dress- $209, Dress- $209

-Do not underestimate their cozy pieces.  Yes, they have ballgowns, some shapewear, and thick waist-to-hip belts, but they also have adorable basic things like cowl neck sweaters, ribbed knee-length dresses, and linen pants.

Sweater- $91, Leggings- $158


Fashion Advice For Those Eager To be Fashionable

The cardinal rule of fashion is that there are no rules…but we also know that is somewhat deceptive. Yes, in 2011 Lady Gaga wore meat with a surprisingly low amount of publicity for all the rule breaking and for the fact that she literally wore stinky, raw platforms on her feet! Still, just because it had been put out there and shot by the paparazzi, it did not make it acceptable for anyone else to try the carnivorous look, just unoriginal.  So if you know you need some guidelines to keep from looking too drab or veering in the opposite direction mirroring the zany Lady herself, here are some tips to keep you on the right track.

  1. Plan ahead- Pick out your outfit in advance.  I know what you’re thinking. The idea triggers memories of your preschool days when you slept in your clothing the night before to make the process in the morning easier for your parents. Or you are thinking that you only carefully select your outfit beforehand for an important event, like a business meeting or a date to wow someone special.  However, by doing this you ensure that even if you wake up late you don’t have to settle for the closet thing in your reach and hoping it’s not wrinkled, dirty, or tight. Select something, try it on, walk around it, get excited to wake up and looking fabulous.
  2. Comfort is key. This is not just about skipping out on a 6 inch heel lace up boot and banning skin tight dresses that require a team to zip from your closet, but also discovering your personal style.  If you think something is pretty but not quite for you, don’t wear it. Once it’s off the hanger, you’re the model roaming around in it, and it is only important that you feel great.
  3. Keep it simple.  This rule is not to designed limit you.  It is however, important for you to start basic and build up from there. Once you get the hang of fashion it is fun to experiment with funky hats or mixing silver and gold jewelry.  If you start off in your quest for style wearing a top with clean lines, basic jeans, flats, and a necklace you’ll instantly look not only rich, but like you know exactly what you are doing.
  4. Follow the lead of others. I am not telling you to dress just like everyone else! There is no need to even follow trends but people watching for ideas or browsing the web for inspiration can push you forward a great deal on your quest for sensible style.  It will help you decide what you are fond.
  5. Learn from your mistakes.  If you see a bad picture where you look frumpy or outdated, ask yourself what about the outfit does not seem to work.  Laugh about your mistake, realize everyone makes them and move on.  Keep in mind what you learned; maybe yellow stripes really aren’t for you, or you see why on your petite frame a coat past your knees is a no-no.
  6. Do not forget to have fun. Like I said before, there technically are no rules…I simply listed tips. ;) Try lots of things on, discover what you love, and flaunt your style with confidence.

Lollipop Legs (Colored Denim)

Colored jeans had their fifteen minutes of fame a few years ago but the trend never spread much farther than to teenage hipster crews who celebrated the tight, low-rise look.  Now, in 2011, a few months after the fleeting neon surge, the age of colored denim is reborn. With the early snowfall and pictorial fashion blogs clogged with neutral shades, it’s great to get a hint from the trend forecast to help us find our way back to rainbow of options. If (and when) you do not have an assigned uniform, you deserve to have some fun with your wardrobe!  Most of the jeans following the trend are skinny or straight cut (including the ones I selected down below), but they don’t have to be. Think outside of the box and see what treasures you can find! Red, bright blue and coral are especially popular right now. These are my picks:

Express- $80

Guess- $98

Yoox.com- $55

Delias- $45




Pussy Bow Blouses

Quirky patterns are huge this season and as it starts to get nippy outside they become even more expressive and fun when you start layering.  There is no better way to pull off kooky clothing stacking than with a vintage vibe pussy-bow blouse. If you are not sure what I am talking about here is a hint: These tops are the types you used to associate with prim secretaries, with a strip of fabric on each side around the collar which tie together to make a bow. It’s a great first step to pull together a business casual look or rock a more creative style. These are my picks:

Asos.com- $53

Topshop- $80

Asos.com- $32

Net-a-porter- $265