Designer Corner- BCBG

With BCBG there is something for every posh lady out there. They have items with crazy shapes, sheer material, and asymmetrical draping. They also carry other things like solid silk button downs and pencil skirts.  Their seasonal styles are not unpredictable, just varied.  From age 20-80 you can get a wardrobe for weddings, grocery shopping, and getting drinks with co-workers.

-Know that for different price ranges the brand has other lines, BCBG Generation which is the cheapest and Herve Leger, well known for the steep price tags. You’ll need a big paycheck to shell out for one of his famous bandage dresses but they are worth oogling.

-The website currently has a fun quiz that will set you up with a great style.  Be sure to browse for yourself, but it is the fastest way to locate your best pieces.

-Their dresses fit perfectly.  I have four of them and they all fit like a glove. This does not mean that just because you try on a 4 in one dress you will be a 4 in all their dresses.  What I do mean is that once you find the right size in that particularly dress it will be flattering all around.

Dress- $209, Dress- $209

-Do not underestimate their cozy pieces.  Yes, they have ballgowns, some shapewear, and thick waist-to-hip belts, but they also have adorable basic things like cowl neck sweaters, ribbed knee-length dresses, and linen pants.

Sweater- $91, Leggings- $158


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