Favored Fluff- Feathered Skirts

Seeking a girly festivity look without frills?  Then you will want buy a fully feathered skirt.  Yes, it is ostentatious on its own, but it becomes toned down when you wear it with something causal like a fitted t-shirt. Or, as shown in Seventeen and Glamour Magazine, you can make it preppy with a cable knit or cashmere sweater.  If you only make one splurge during the season it should be a feathered skirt. It will make even the dullest party seem…kind of cool.(Sometimes dressing up is half the fun!)  You may have seen pictures of celebrities in longer styles but I find the ones that hit above the knee to be more useful, not to mention cuter and cheaper.  If you are feeling really daring, select a bold color like an electric blue or hot pink.  If donning a feathered skirt is enough of a style jump for you then choose an ivory or a black instead.

The Fashion Scoop- $121

Asos.com- $50


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