Lollipop Legs (Colored Denim)

Colored jeans had their fifteen minutes of fame a few years ago but the trend never spread much farther than to teenage hipster crews who celebrated the tight, low-rise look.  Now, in 2011, a few months after the fleeting neon surge, the age of colored denim is reborn. With the early snowfall and pictorial fashion blogs clogged with neutral shades, it’s great to get a hint from the trend forecast to help us find our way back to rainbow of options. If (and when) you do not have an assigned uniform, you deserve to have some fun with your wardrobe!  Most of the jeans following the trend are skinny or straight cut (including the ones I selected down below), but they don’t have to be. Think outside of the box and see what treasures you can find! Red, bright blue and coral are especially popular right now. These are my picks:

Express- $80

Guess- $98 $55

Delias- $45




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