What A Stud!

I am guilty of buying clothing I have to fuss with.  Name a fashion dilemma and I have probably dealt with it—constantly tugging to hide bra-straps, pulling down clingy skirts, concealing runs in my favorite tights, dealing with those pesky hanger-straps.  Experiencing these problems amount to one thing: I know that looking put together sometimes requires work.

So without further ado, let me formally introduce you to simple accessory piece that can make a woman’s life easier.  With a studded crossbody bag you get the attitude of rockstar with the handiness of a pouch you do not have to clutch.  A studded bag with a thin strap that drapes across your body never gets lost or in the way.  I am jealous that guys can just tuck their ID and credit cards in a wallet that slides into one of their eight pockets, but girls use pocketbooks to their advantage by treating it as an accessory.  Since I also like to have a little more on me, some lipgloss, mints, the girl’s emergency kit my friend just bought me from Sephora, I can suck it up, buy a nice purse, and be satisfied.  These are my picks:

The Fashion Scoop- $295

TopShop- $60

Urban Outfitters- $218


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