Animal Everything

#1 Animal themed clothing and accessories

Trend number 1 is intentionally broad to summarize the year.  In China, every year has a lucky animal, but this year, America’s fashions included all creatures.  Python print, leopard pumps, zebra print flats, fuzzy vests, and fur jackets were a few of the adventurous animal themed styles that rocked the runways and populated the streets.

Topshop, flats- $40, gloves- $23

Zara, scarf- $15

*Picture from Betsey Johnson

Cropped Sweater

#2 Cropped sweaters

This countdown included a lot of wardrobe pieces that allow you to bare skin in a tasteful manner but there is still one more missing. It takes some time adjusting to the shrunken sweater but just thinking about the stellar opportunity to salvage a top your dryer once destroyed might do the trick. The cropped sweater is playful when you wear it sans anything underneath, and smart and easy with a high-waisted skirt or jeans that cover your tummy.

American Eagle- $20

The Fashion Scoop- $80

*Picture from Charlotte Russe

Dresses With Cut-Outs

#3 Cut-outs on dresses

Remember when skirts and dresses were first decorated with a brooch  in an unexpected spot?  The embellishment glided its way down the female form from the obvious spot of the middle of a blouse to the left side below the shoulder and directly above the chest and then to a brand new location where it cinched fabric near the waist.  We saw the same thing this year with cut-outs on mini party dresses.  It did not seem like there were many other places you could create openings– this isn’t Mean Girls after all, but the industry put on their creative caps and worked with new various shapes and places.  The result was oh so very 2011. $83

Topshop- $35

The Fashion Scoop- $198

*Picture from Asos


Feather Extensions

#4 Feathers for your hair

You’ve seen highlights.  You’ve seen hair dye and even extensions, but a strand of feathers?  This earthy look took flight in 2011. You can get them attached to your hair to stay for a length of time at select salons or you could purchase a clip to put in or take out whenever you wish.

Claire’s- $5

Buckle- $10

*Picture from Joongirl

Nail Art

#8 Spectacular Nail Art

I often do my own nails but even after the q-tip clean up they still look hand done.  Some people are naturally good at painting their own nails (like my friend who can easily maneuver a toothpick to create plaid and sports a new nail color every time I blink) but for those of us who have the imagination but not the arts and crafts equivalent of a green-thumb, there are ways to make decorations on your nails without mistakes.  I love the shatter colors Katy Perry designed for OPI that add a broken glass effect to your base.  Another option? Sally Hansen nail strips which press on and stay on without the tacky glue and flammable plastic talons.

*Picture from Style Tips 101

Shift Your Eyes To This (Electric Colored Shift Dresses)

#9 Neon Shift Dresses

I was pleased to see magenta, chartreuse, and orange finally get the attention they deserve with a modern spin on a demure classic.

J.Crew- $118

Ann Taylor- $100

Also, be sure to check out the great sales on The Fashion Scoop! Tons of items are slashed from 40-60% off and new items are being added everyday!

*Picture from Shiny Style

A Few Of My Favorite Things From 2011

Don’t you just love countdowns? For the next ten days (including today) I will be counting down my favorite trends of 2011!  Feel free to comment or tweet me @fashionscoopamy with your style obsessions or tell about the looks you loathe and ready to say goodbye to on January 1st.

#10 Metallic clutches

A little sparkle can travel a long way.  An envelope sized purse makes an evening look glamorous even for a diva.  The gleam it gives off is eye-catching and if the attention becomes too much tuck it under your arm so only a small sliver reveals your silver or your hold on the gold.

Express- $30

Calvin Klein- $118

*Picture from

Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday celebrations are right around the corner but time is not going to stop for procrastinators to get everyone the gift of their dreams. Let this gift guide alleviate your stress headache and lead you to the right products and websites where all you have to do is click, await the delivery and gift wrap with tinsel and a bow!

For the friend who is stylish…and superstitious: House of Harlow, Bracelet, $59

For the girly chocolate lover: Chocolate Shoe & Purse Set, $52

For the co-worker you lunch with: Topshop, Change Purse, $16

For the overwrought co-worker: Bath & Body Works, Aromatherapy Gift Basket, $9

The perfect under $20 Secret Santa: Anthropologie, Candle, $16

For the host of the guaranteed unforgettable party: Nest, Soap Set, $32

For the artsy sister who is glued to her cell: Andy Warhol iPhone Case, $40

For the sister who battled you over controlling the radio: Juicy Couture, Speaker Key Chain, $38

For the mom who appreciates comfort and beauty: Charles Philip, Silk Loafers, $135

For the father who doesn’t want to sniff magazine ads to find the right scent – Bvlgari, Cologne, $88

For the doting husband: Movado, Watch, $350

For the fratty boyfriend: William-Sonoma, Beer Making Kit, $40

For the guy friend who rushed out to see The Hangover Part II on opening night: Barnes & Noble, The Hangover DVD, $9

*Picture from Topshop and The Fashion Scoop

Create Your Own Fashion Collection!

Have you ever dreamed of a getting a store or a designer to assemble a collection exclusively for you?  Well now you have the chance to view a selection of personalized clothing and accessories handpicked specifically for you and your style.  All you have to do is answer the questions below in an email (or respond as a comment) and I will proceed by crafting the collection of your dreams at The Fashion Scoop!  I will email you back within 24 with a link to your collection without any pressure to buy everything or even anything on the site. The collection, however, will be left up for you to get ideas or in case you want to hold off on buying something until later.  If you email me all your answers will be kept confidential, except for the first name you give which will appear as the link to where you can view all the pretty things you covet.

Please fill this out and send it back to me at

Your first name:

Your email address:

Your favorite brand:

Three or more adjectives that describe your style:

Your two favorite colors to wear:

What your closet is lacking that it needs:

*Picture from The Little Black Dress For Less

Dress To Impress For Less: Winter Loungewear

Along with headlines like “How to stay thin this holiday season” and “The best gift guides for everyone on your list” the other most common article gracing the pages of magazines is about fighting off stress and finding that zen moment this holiday season. This time of year is as much about finding the perfect gift, dealing with insane family members, and locating a parking space in a jammed packed lot as it is about taking time for yourself and just relaxing. Once again, I’m at your service delivering you a way to shop while avoiding throngs of panicky shoppers and finding clothes that will feel cozy and still look cute for you to chill in during downtime.

Shirt, Jcpenny (in rumba red)-  $12

Cardigan, Old Navy- $20

Leggings, Forever 21- $6

Flats, Aldo- $20

Scarf, Aldo- $10

Total- $68

Shorts For The Cold

My velvet dresses stay tucked away in a special nook saved for when winter rolls around; similarly, I have a rack in the back of my closet reserved for sundresses and straw hats.  But life is always better when we can spoil ourselves by wearing these seasonal pieces whenever we choose.  A couple of years ago summer dresses became popular for fall with chunky knits, rumpled socks and leather accessories.  Now you can bring more of your summer apparel to the front of your closet because it is in style this winter. That’s right, shorts in December!  With a pair of opaque tights and heels you can even wear them on your night out!  The best part about this is most shorts you already wear in the summer pass the test, as long as you wear them the warmer way.  However, you can also get shorts designed especially for the holiday season.  For those special styles, these are my picks:

French Connection- $140

TopShop- $75 $88

Free People- $50


Winter Cape

You might not be able to channel a superhero by scaling walls and lifting cars, but you can borrow a little tip from them by wearing this season’s best accessory, a cape.  As a stand-in for a coat a cape is fresh with a touch of classic charm.  Leighton Meester as Blair in Gossip Girl helped start the outerwear revolution by wearing a bright green cape (and since has sported other capes as well.)  With all the different options out there now, you can make the trend work for your needs.  Pick a tweed for a traditional style, bright for an artsy twist, and find a faux fur for fancy occasions. $65

Papaya- $19 $259 $94

Zara- $50