Dresses With Cut-Outs

#3 Cut-outs on dresses

Remember when skirts and dresses were first decorated with a brooch  in an unexpected spot?  The embellishment glided its way down the female form from the obvious spot of the middle of a blouse to the left side below the shoulder and directly above the chest and then to a brand new location where it cinched fabric near the waist.  We saw the same thing this year with cut-outs on mini party dresses.  It did not seem like there were many other places you could create openings– this isn’t Mean Girls after all, but the industry put on their creative caps and worked with new various shapes and places.  The result was oh so very 2011.

Asos.com- $83

Topshop- $35

The Fashion Scoop- $198

*Picture from Asos


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