Say What? (Graphic T-Shirts With Words)

My first experience with writing on a shirt was in third grade when I had a shirt with the letters B-R-A-T as large as life in a plush leopard print font.  These days I would not welcome being called a brat with such alacrity.  As I matured though, I went through another phase where I longed to display a message on my top so everyone would know exactly what it was that I wanted them to.  Maybe it was “approachable,” “had a rotten day, stay away,” or “walk faster, please.”  If this has always been your wish as well, you are in luck.  Sweet or harmlessly cheeky shirts are here and perfect for casual style in summer 2012. Just like the baby tees of the 90s these get the message across, literally.  To make them flirtatious and funny rather than crass, pick ones that don’t have swears or overtly sexual messages.  If it says, “I’ll be drunk tonight,” you might be headed for trouble.

Forever 21- $13

Wet Seal- $2

Pacsun- $27

The Fashion Scoop- $60

*Picture from the Fashion Scoop

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