Start High, End High (High-Waisted Mini Skirt)

If you complain about the price of ripped jeans and cropped shirts (less fabric should mean lower costs, right?!) let me introduce you to something that may reverse your symptoms of shopping-induced irritation.  The high-waisted miniskirt stretches to cover your stomach and stops midpoint on your thighs.  The foot of fabric you shell out for with your weekly paycheck just became a little more reasonable. The look is huge this season, but if high-waisted clothing makes you uncomfortable, hold off on buying one just to force it lower.  Even if the skirt fits around your hips, the tight fabric might make your bottom half jut out rather than smoothing it when you wear it at the right spot. These are my picks:

American Apparel- $34 $40 $52

*Picture from Coolspotters

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