Designer Corner- Jeffrey Campbell

Do you remember Diva Starz? (If not, look them up!) But their giant heads, long hair, frail torso, and humongous shoes may have helped Jeffrey Campbell’s vision for footwear. If you don’t covet a pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes you may still know the name from browsing fashion blogs. He is the creator of Lita shoes which have since been mimicked with cheaper imitations and line the closets of fashion bloggers across the world. The line has much more to offer though. These are my tips for shopping Jeffrey Campbell shoes:

1. Choose your Litas carefully- Before ordering Litas try them on and explore all the patterns. Sometimes we just want a cool shoe to go with everything (a pair of Litas in black) other times we are trying to find the wow factor with a wild pattern that covers the whole shoe. Either way that 5” heel is steep, so make sure you practice before you wear them in public. hoes are bold and sometimes even gravity defying like Lady Gaga’s heels.  So if you’re afraid of a little leopard print or a few silver spikes, turn back now. Here are my tips:

Lita in Mint- $159

Lita in Gold Glitter- $160

2. Explore knee-high boots- One of my favorite pairs of shoes are Jeffrey Campbell boots that hit my knee and lace all the way up but have they have a flat heel so they don’t scream Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman pre-modesty.

Victorian Thine Boot- $305

Joe Lace Up Boot- $295

3. Get people to notice you- When a person is wearing a gorgeous outfit people will usually look down to see what shoes they paired it with.  Other people stand by the belief that shoes sell the entire upper portion of a look. Sometimes though people just don’t shift their eyes downward and you’re purchase of Kate Spade kitten heels seems like a waste of cash. One way to avoid that? Buy outrageous shoes that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. Whether that means a shoelace alongside the back of the heel, or a carpet bag print with a thick wedge bottom, you can definitely find something extraordinary. 

Ramona Platform Sandals- $205

Ramona Fest Sandal- $158

4. Determine where practicality ranks on the scale of virtues- A lot of the shoes provide a good balance and can be worn for dress up or play. Do keep in mind though that most of them have towering heels even though they might be comfortable or have support. When I say “play,” the most athletic you should get while sporting a tall pair is ambling around the mall.

Foxy Platform- $137

Str8up Platform- $180

*Picture from What I’m Loving

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