Chevron Print

Missoni’s iconic zigzag print has been getting a lot of attention lately, but it’s not the designer who is getting the recognition, it’s the stripy print. Maybe the pattern took off after the label created a line for Target using their trademark up and down lines and selling the apparel at much more inexpensive prices. Ironically though, if you search chevron at an online retailer that carries the designer you will most likely get results  excluding anything by Missoni whose print is strictly labeled “zigzag.” Of course the wavy design was not invented by the Italian brand, rather the symbol has a long history of being used in military uniforms, flags, and road signs. Now it is famously known for the oil and gas corporation, Chevron. However, according to Wikipedia (we’ll take it) the energy company’s logo has only been used since the mid 2000s while Missoni was brought into existence in the 1960s. 

But regardless of who had the lead in actually marketing the print, the trend is now in full force. And luckily it doesn’t look like there can be any legitimate lawsuits by Missoni or Chevron like the name copycats Dolce & Banana. These are my picks:

Tunic, Nordstom- $79

Dress, $20

Top, Bebe- $25

*Real Missoni image from Hot Luxe

*Other picture from Piperlime

In Honor Of The Lazy Dresser: Button Down Pajama Tops

In defense of the fashion world, runway models are not just parading cumbersome crinolines, scratchy unlined sequined blouses and tight wool pencil skirts.  In fact, just last year it became acceptable to wear sweatpants to bars…and with heels?! And while I saw 20,000 mini-dresses and not a single pair of sweats out in city clubs, the option was floating around in the windows of premium and everyday shops. But what every “wake up late on the weekends, staying in watching reruns of some vampire series with a spread of Chinese take-out girl” wants is to be able to leave the house in her PJs.  Am I right? (Admittedly I’m not 100 percent that girl so please back me up on this.)  Well on behalf of fashion conscious editors around the world, I don’t think we are ready for fleece penguin bottoms to relocate to the real pants section anytime soon.  However, silky pajama tops are another story.  In fact, paired with those boyfriend jeans you live in and retro heels, you have a spectacular and relaxed outfit. The best part is you don’t need to buy a top that only looks like you can snooze in it, you can use the one you actually do!

Forever 21- $18 $22

J.Crew- $68

Topshop- $96

*Picture from The Fashion Police

Prim Pleats

Accordion pleats are the thinnest type of pleat that looking, well, prim.  The style is huge for spring, so be sure to get a style that fits your add texture while keeping the garment personality and routine.  For the office pick one that hits right at your knee, best in a sunny color like tangerine or lavender.  For fabrics in the workplace, stick with silk or double layer polyester.  If you seek a fancier design, add pizzazz to the trend by purchasing it in bronze or gold and buy one a couple inches above your knee.  Pair it with a white blouse for day and a black t-shirt and funky bright heels for night.  If your spring days will be more carefree and filled with outdoor picnics (or dreams of them) try the pleat trend in a miniskirt.  The look is cute and youthful and it will remind you what spring is all about. $27

Topshop- $30 $50

The Fashion Scoop- $187

*Picture from Stylehive