In Honor Of The Lazy Dresser: Button Down Pajama Tops

In defense of the fashion world, runway models are not just parading cumbersome crinolines, scratchy unlined sequined blouses and tight wool pencil skirts.  In fact, just last year it became acceptable to wear sweatpants to bars…and with heels?! And while I saw 20,000 mini-dresses and not a single pair of sweats out in city clubs, the option was floating around in the windows of premium and everyday shops. But what every “wake up late on the weekends, staying in watching reruns of some vampire series with a spread of Chinese take-out girl” wants is to be able to leave the house in her PJs.  Am I right? (Admittedly I’m not 100 percent that girl so please back me up on this.)  Well on behalf of fashion conscious editors around the world, I don’t think we are ready for fleece penguin bottoms to relocate to the real pants section anytime soon.  However, silky pajama tops are another story.  In fact, paired with those boyfriend jeans you live in and retro heels, you have a spectacular and relaxed outfit. The best part is you don’t need to buy a top that only looks like you can snooze in it, you can use the one you actually do!

Forever 21- $18 $22

J.Crew- $68

Topshop- $96

*Picture from The Fashion Police

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