Pointy Cap Toe Heels

When you’re wearing wide leg trousers or a long dress you still painstakingly look for the perfect shoes to go with the bottom accepting that they will only be seen for a brief moment as as your feet graze past your clothing. So if there is one of the heel to designate the spotlight to, it should be the toe. Cap toes have become enormously popular this year like a subdued version of color blocking. With heels in suede and the toe patent leather or a different hue than the rest of the shoe, the style highlights an attention to detail and sends a powerful message to notice the outfit from to toe.

Zara- $40

Asos.com- $60


*Picture from Stylish Curves


The Detached Collar

What do you get when you cross a choker with prep school? The detached collar can completely alter an outfit, making it the best accessory since wide belts. Thank Karl Lagerfeld for the inspiration, but if you’re looking to make it more like a necklace try it with beads in a peter pan collar shape. If you plan on wearing it on top of a shirt with denim cutoffs try it in leather. These are my picks:

Topshop-  $32

Asos.com- $15

Net-a-Porter- $84


Luck Be A Lady In A Sundress

Looking to upgrade your wardrobe with one piece that you can parade around in for shopping, brunch with the ladies, a casual get together, or even date night? All you need is sundress! Here are five reasons why I love them and you should too!

1. It takes one second to throw on, and you don’t even have to fret about finding the perfect top or bottom to match.

2. It’s feminine and flirty without being overtly provocative.

3. With so many different styles there has got to be one that you’ll love and that will perfectly complement your beautiful body.

4. You can wear it with heels, but a sundress usually looks best with wedges or flat sandals. (Hooray for comfortable footwear!)

5. This year you can find trendy styles that fall into all price ranges. To help you out, here is a guide for any budget:

MotelRocks.com, Nora Wrap Dress (Save 20% with code fashionscoop)- $15– $12 with discount

Piperlime.com, Fit N Flare Dress- $54

 Abercrombie and Fitch, Elissa Dress- $68

Marc Jacobs, Aurora Ombre Dress- $298


*Picture from Fashion Fuss