Retro Bikini

In the lyrics of “Summer Nights”- “He showed off, splashing around!”  And yes, with that it is officially time for summer vacation or dreams of it at least, which means enduring the painful experience of swim suit shopping. But with so many styles to choose from what’s the one that can make you feel most like a sweet Sandy from Grease or romantic Allie from the Notebook?They made their comeback on beaches last year but the origins of retro style bikinis give us concrete evidence for why we find it so appealing.  In the earlier days of pin-ups, when films still had production codes that prohibited the exposure of belly buttons on screen, gorgeous women modeled fuller coverage bra tops and high-waisted briefs.  The look emphasized womanly curves and complemented voluptuous ladies.  If there is a time when women feel pressure to look waif-like, it is at the beach or poolside where the evolution of the bathing uniform makes it a necessity to nearly bare it all.  We’ve all heard it though, how Marilyn Monroe was a size 12, how thighs touched, how models had a full sized chest, etc.  Women forget how we’re not all supposed to look like the famous women of the 40s or all like the leggy models of today.  People come in all different shapes and sizes.  That is why the retro style suit is great; it allows you to cover up a little more than with the itsy bitsy teeny weeny one, roll in the sand looking fashionable and confident, and gives you the oppertunity to channel your inner pin-up. $136

Urban Outfitters- $78

ModCloth, Esther Williams- $90

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