Galaxy Prints: Get An Out-Of-This-World Look Without Looking Like An Alien

There is a new “Starry Night” that is wowing crowds, and it is not a painting by van Gogh. Galaxy prints are  the new fashion trend you’ll start to see everywhere.  If you felt a little blue when it was announced Pluto will no longer be considered a planet, this is your opportunity to pay homage to the solar system, Pluto included. The galaxy print features stars and cosmic swirls with moody background colors like deep purple, navy, and gray to create a scene mirroring Outer Space. Carey Mulligan, Alexa Chung, and Katy Perry are celebrities who have already test-drove this style. Not exactly sure how to rock the bold print?  You can either wear it in small doses, on flats or handbags. You can also enhance the edge of the unconventional print by wearing the Milky Way on top with leather leggings or on a skirt paired with Doc Martens.  No need to worry about looking spacey when you look this good! 

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