Fashion Lessons From The Bachelor/Bachelorette

Do style sequins for day and night

Emily Maynard was not shy in the spotlight. For rose ceremonies and strolls in the park alike she dressed to dazzle in sparkles. Some people think sequins are only appropriate during the holiday season, with the last available opportunity being New Year’s Eve. However, they can be a delightful way to shine even during afternoon hours.

Shorts, Topshop- $90

Dress, French Connection- $398

Don’t wear gloves when a man is going to put a ring on it.

In the most recent season of the Bachelor, the last episode left Ben F. with two  anxious ladies awaiting a proposal. That means even if cocky Courtney was less certain he was going to propose there was still about a 50% chance it would happen. The fact that she knew why she was walking on a grassy path to meet her love left me bewildered as to why she wore elbow length leather gloves.  She was  bound to take them off (they were sexy but too rugged for the evening gown anyway) and leave them off. Think of it this way, most women are surprised the very moment  a guy gushes how he wants to spend the rest of his with her in the equation. When its almost a guarantee that a Neil Lane diamond will be slipped on, its smart to show that finger flesh so you don’t have to limply hold your glove in pictures…Although did anyone else notice how there happened to be a rock stand strategically placed?

Do know a tied shirt and cuffed denim is an easy way to do casual chic

Ashley Hebert wore this downtime attire and looked comfortable and refreshing. Shortening a button down with a knot is way to show you care about style but didn’t spend all day rummaging through your closet to find perfection. She had enough to worry about occupying the attention of twenty-five men and still plenty of other occasions to dress to the nines.

Top, Bebe- $50

Shorts, Victoria’s Secret- $40

Do wear a prairie girl dress with cowboy boots even when it’s sunny

There are some contradictions that just feel right, and Courtney knows about this. Even in warm summer weather she wore tall leather boots. Her dainty white dress looked better offset with a pair of brown shoes and a Western style fringed bag.  Throwing on boots is just as effortless as walking in flip-flops but it adds more character. Another reason it worked? It was her outfit choice in the episode where she put together a mock wedding. The boots ensured she didn’t mimic a real bride too closely in her ruffled white dress.

Boots, Nordstrom, Vince Camuto- $169

Dress, Anthropolgie, Vanessa Virginia- $100


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