How To Pack For A Vacation

Recently I came across a report on Yahoo! News that women reportedly change outfits an average of four times a day when they take a trip. If you’re trying to avoid paying for extra baggage and lugging it around the airport, here are some tips. By following these rules you can support the desire to keep changing and still have room to bolster the destination’s tourism profit by coming home with some souvenirs.

1. Be to sure to pack things you know you’ll need or will definitely come in handy first. You know that cute magenta blouse you’ve been waiting to wear but haven’t decided how it would look best? Hold off on taking it. Instead, focus on the actives and events you have already scheduled. For example, if you know you’re attending a wedding and rehearsal dinner don’t “forget” to bring along two appropriate dresses in hopes you’ll find a cute one there. When you forgo bringing something you need, it induces stress when your mission was to relax. Also, look up the weather beforehand. If it’s scheduled to rain all week long, then you will need a jacket. Try to map out your plans for each day, and find something that would look good and feel comfortable to fit with the itinerary. If you have extra room you can pack something like that magenta top you’ll wear for who knows what. But always start with basic needs first…and don’t forget undergarments!

2. Wear the bulkier things on the plane there and back and make everything else lightweight. I always find that shoes take up too much precious space, but if I’m going away in the winter I know that I will probably be wearing my heavy riding boots every casual day. I will also need a pair of heels and sneakers in case I find the motivation to hit gym during my lazy vacation. It might be tempting to take wedges, flat sandals, keds, glitter platforms, and two pairs of flip flops but you’ll probably end up wearing each one only once and adding 10 pounds to your bag. Instead you can wear the flip-flops full time and the heels for parties. Since weather can be unpredictable, take the chunky knit, just use it as your top layer for the chilly plane ride.

3. Bring things that you can mix and match with. This is the rule you hear most often and the one I’m terrible at staying faithful to. However, if you want to get the most variety out of your travel wardrobe it will behoove you (and your aching back) to pack versatile pieces. Take things like a convertible maxi dress/skirt, neutral colored tank tops, a pastel cardigan, tailored shorts, and a leather jacket.

4. Dresses are always quick and easy. A great tip to looking good in no time…an for providing the opportunity to pack fewer items. Besides, when in doubt of the dress code for an occasion, it’s best to choose the fancier option.

4. Rolling is your friend- Forget folding! Rolling things like jeans and t-shirts will ultimately save more room than folding and probably cause fewer creases in the fabric. If your things do get crinkly most hotels have an iron for your convience.

Extra Tips: Pack bras on top and shoes in the pockets- This way the bras won’t get squashed, and the bulky shoes won’t soil your white dress

Be sure to carefully double wrap all liquids, especially if they have been opened. Stained and smelly clothing is a greater tragedy than lost luggage. Also, bag damp bathing suits that don’t have time to fully dry. Take them out when you get home, and give them time to air out!

*Picture from Las Vegas Cheap Flights

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