What To Buy For July

1. Hair chalk- Why will this product become popular these season? Chalk it up to being spill-proof and simple to use. The crayons are the perfect non-committal way to get spunky streaks of color to spice up your braid, bun, or ponytail. Remember how Avril Lavigne and Rachel McAdams took Pink’s trademark and toned it down by mixing the unnatural shade (hot pink) with their own hair hue? With easy grip sticks or Kevin Murphy’s half sphere, the application is precise, cheap, temporary, and best of all, doable in your own home without the help of a savvy hairstylist. Forget synthetic clip-in extensions which look like a doll’s locks; hair chalk delivers the perfect amount of your dye with a quick glide. Just be careful not to get the powder on your clothing. Wait until it sets before getting dressed.

Amazon- $25

2. Beauty balm- Product engineers have come up with a face base to beat tinted moisturizer. This new product is hitting shelves everywhere, including your local drugstore  (see Garnier Fructis). Often abbreviated to BB, beauty balm is light, hydrating, and has SPF. It’s supposed to leave your skin with a smooth finish while hiding and healing imperfections. It’s ideal for the summer days when the you want coverage from foundation that won’t melt and clog in the heat.

Sephora- $34

3. Cropped bustier top- Looking to sex up the crop top style even more? If you want to bare your midriff at a club but fear not passing the strict “dress to impress” wardrobe code then try this fancier style with more structure. Pair it with a blazer or a summer jacket, a high-waisted skirt you can swirl around in, and sky-high heels and you will not only feel but look ready to party.

Asos.com- $58

ModCloth.com- $40

4. Wedge sneakers- You know those colorful high top sneakers by Pastry and other hip-hop style brands? Well there is a new pair of kicks in town. While sneakers with a sliver of a  clicking heel can look tacky (like bedazzling your flannel) wedges work with the intended image of the shoe and give you a hidden lift (that works for your butt as well). Be comfortable and still feel powerful and feminine.

Shopbop.com- $250

Asos.com- $75

*Picture from A’GACI

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