Flip-Flop From Summer To Winter: The Wool Floppy Hat

In summer they are made of straw and in the winter they are made of felt or wool. They keep your hair from blowing into your eyes and protect your scalp and forehead from the rays of sun that peek from behind the clouds. The ultra-chic style I’m speaking about? Floppy hats. These hats are best to buy in person because you have to check how it sits on your head. Although you can figure out your hat size with simple measurements, not all sites reveal the circumference of the hat and sometimes they are sold o/s (one size fits all). You must also make sure the brim doesn’t hang mid-eye level so that you can see where you’re going. Lucky hats floppy hats are flexible and sit lower on the sides while the top lifts up. These are my picks:

*Picture from Asos

Untitled #2

Subscription Discount Sites For Fashion

These days it is easy to get a bargain online, the problem is being able to find what you are looking for. Many subscription discount sites offer free membership and fabulous prices for designer threads and furnishings. But when you join tons of sites you allow your inbox to fill up with emails that you eventually get turned over to the spam folder. Most of these websites don’t even allow you to browse their products without first joining the list-serve. That’s where I come in! To save you the junk mail and allow you to do the fun part (shop!) without useless newsletters and sales updates, I’ve given you the details on a bunch of great discount sites. Now it’s up to you to decide which you want to become a part of, and if it doesn’t work out you can split ways pain-free by unsubscribing (an option on the bottom of emails in fine print) and try out a different one or few.

SiteBeyond The RackCompany- Amazon, Discount- About 45-85% off, Sells- fashion and home goods, Money for Invites- $10 credit per person when he/she makes his/her first purchase, Shipping- $10, Loving- Anna Lee and Hope Cooper Sweater, was $88, now $30

Site- Fab.comDiscount- About 20-50%, Sells- Everything! Money for Invites- $30 for ten friends who join, $60 for 25 friends and $25 for a friend making a $25+ purchase, Shipping, $9, LovingJessica McClintock Bustier, was $120, now $93

SiteGiltDiscount- About 40-85%, Sells- fashion, home goods, food, trips, and outings, Money for Invites- $25 credit per person once he/she makes first purchase, Shipping- $6 Loving- Elina Skirt by Walter, were $128, now $59

Site- HauteLook, Company- Nordstrom, Discount- About 50-70% off, Sells- fashion, beauty, and home goods, Money for Invites- $10 credit per person once he/she makes first purchase, Shipping- $8 or more, Loving- Button Down by Tulle, was $45, now $21

SiteIdeeliDiscount- About 50-75%, Sells- fashion and home goods, Money for Invites- $25 credit per person once he/she makes first purchase, Shipping, $10, Loving- Black High-Low Skirt by Hazel, was $115, now $40

SiteLuxe YardDiscount- About 40-80%, Sells- fashion, home goods, and art,  Money for Invites- $25 credit per person once he/she makes a purchase, Shipping, $5 under 10 lbs, $7 under 15 lbs, $8 under 20 lbs, Loving- Isabel Lu Top, was $136, now $55

SiteModniqueDiscount- About 50-85% off, Sells- fashion and beauty, Money for Invites- 10% of friend’s purchase after it ships Shipping- Free over $99, LovingPilgram Skanderborg Necklace, were $115, now $115

Site- MyHabit, Company- Amazon, Discount- About 50-90% off, Sells- fashion and home goods, Money for Invites- $20 credit per person once he/she makes first purchase, but it cannot be redeemed if you live in AR, CO, CT, IL, NC, or RI, Shipping- Free! (Except 1 day or international), LovingCoSTUME NATIONAL Shoes, were $1200, now $240

SiteRue La LaDiscount- About 25-85%, Sells- fashion, home goods, and travel, Money for Invites- $10 credit per person once he/she makes first purchase, Shipping, $10 and then free for the next 30 days, LovingTheia Dress, was $395, now $199

Site- The RealRealDiscount- Steep but clothing is second-hand, Sells- fashion, Money for Invites- $10 credit per person once he/she makes first purchase, Shipping, $10 is purchase is $250 or under and $15 if purchase is $550 or under, Loving-Elie Tahari Skirt,  $125

Site- The Sample Sale, Discount- About 35-85% off, Sells- fashion and art, Money for Invites- $25 credit per person once he/she makes first purchase, Shipping- Free over $75 (Otherwise $5), LovingPaige Dark Blue Straight Leg Jeans, were $160, now $80

SiteTopFloorDiscount- There is no discount but you can earn rewards to save you money, Sells- fashion and extra knickknacks, Money for Invites- $15 credit per person once he/she signs up, Shipping- Free for the first two months (Otherwise $6 for one item, $2 for additional ones), LovingEagle Pendant by Live World- $50

*Picture from Gilt


Oxblood: The Color Of The Year

Wine is an accessory which instantly makes a woman look classier– as long she is not holding her fifth glass… which is beginning to leave a ring of reside on her teeth. The magic works similarly in your wardrobe. The hue looks expensive and grown-up. This season  the new color to stock up on is called oxblood, slightly darker than wine and often with more of a sable undertone than purple. While neon pants are still a bright idea this month, it is predicted they will slowly be fading into oblivion, replaced by moody shades like burgundy and midnight blue. Gothic lipstick will likely be returning to the shelves as well. But don’t throw out your blinding multicolored sweater just yet; when winter blues hits, it’s nice to trade in dark colors for something cheerful every once in a while. These are my picks for clothing in oxblood:

Cardigan, Banana Republic- $40

Cole Haan Shoes, Zappos.com- $200

Purse, ShopRuche.com – $45

Bag, Pour La Victoire, Saks Fifth Avenue- $79





*Picture from Saks Fifth Avenue and H&M  Oxbood Inspiration

Veronica Beard long sleeve top

$560 – farfetch.com

$76 topshop.com

Dune patent leather shoes
$87 – johnlewis.com

The American Kimono

What can you wear when it’s cool enough for a cover-up but too warm for a less than breathable jacket? Well one option is a cardigan, but it might look mismatched with something that isn’t feminine and preppy, plus it will hang limp if you leave it unbuttoned. A kimono, usually in chiffon, silk, or satin is lighter than denim or leather and adds an interesting external layer to your look. Unlike a real floor-length kimono with an obi, it doesn’t drag or fasten. When deciding to wear one, you don’t need to put much thought into your outfit to give it the wow factor. Pick a solid top and bottom, add a necklace and electrifying shoes, and with the kimono you’ll look Utsukushii (beautiful in Japanese).

Floral Print Kimono, Topshop- $50

Tulle May Flowers Floral Print Top, Lulus.com- $44

Rose Kimono Jacket, Nastygal.com- $41

Flutter Sky Kimono Jacket, French Connection- $54

*Picture from Asos

Spice Up Your Life

I figured it was time to start spicing things up with some pictures, and in honor of my first picture post I decided to actually “spice things up” with Spice Girls inspiration. Yesterday the preforming girl squad reunited for the Closing Ceremonies at the London Olympics. When I was younger I was obsessed with Posh Spice, her glossy stick straight hair and sleek leather mini-dresses. Her style and attitude brought out my glam side. But since then I’ve moved on from coveted her high-maintenance coquettish look to something well– a bit sportier, a Spice Girl I used to ignore. Originally I took a bunch of photos with a high sock bun to really channel my inner Sporty Spice, but I still have enough diva in me to let the locks flow free. The bun looked too constricting. The sweatshirt dress takes a little bit from both ladies’ styles and the stacked bangles imitate Mel C’s arm bracelet tattoo.

Sweatshirt Dress- H&M

Pink Denim Vest- BeBop

Lace Legging Shorts- Betsey Johnson

Bangles- Vintage and Aeropostale

Earrings- Icing

Chunky Knits

A warm sweater with a thick cable-knit weave is a classic look for fall and perfect a transition piece for more frigid temperatures. Pick one in an earthy autumn tone to wear with boyfriend jeans and booties. I also like the look styled in a 90s way, with a collar underneath and a plaid skirt with opaque tights to keep your legs from freezing. These are my picks:

H&M- $15

Piperlime.com, Free People, $108

TheOutnet.com, J.Crew, $49

MotelRocks.com- $15 (save 20% with code fashionscoop)

*Picture from Free People