Flip-Flop From Summer To Winter: The Wool Floppy Hat

In summer they are made of straw and in the winter they are made of felt or wool. They keep your hair from blowing into your eyes and protect your scalp and forehead from the rays of sun that peek from behind the clouds. The ultra-chic style I’m speaking about? Floppy hats. These hats are best to buy in person because you have to check how it sits on your head. Although you can figure out your hat size with simple measurements, not all sites reveal the circumference of the hat and sometimes they are sold o/s (one size fits all). You must also make sure the brim doesn’t hang mid-eye level so that you can see where you’re going. Lucky hats floppy hats are flexible and sit lower on the sides while the top lifts up. These are my picks:

*Picture from Asos

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