Spice Up Your Life

I figured it was time to start spicing things up with some pictures, and in honor of my first picture post I decided to actually “spice things up” with Spice Girls inspiration. Yesterday the preforming girl squad reunited for the Closing Ceremonies at the London Olympics. When I was younger I was obsessed with Posh Spice, her glossy stick straight hair and sleek leather mini-dresses. Her style and attitude brought out my glam side. But since then I’ve moved on from coveted her high-maintenance coquettish look to something well– a bit sportier, a Spice Girl I used to ignore. Originally I took a bunch of photos with a high sock bun to really channel my inner Sporty Spice, but I still have enough diva in me to let the locks flow free. The bun looked too constricting. The sweatshirt dress takes a little bit from both ladies’ styles and the stacked bangles imitate Mel C’s arm bracelet tattoo.

Sweatshirt Dress- H&M

Pink Denim Vest- BeBop

Lace Legging Shorts- Betsey Johnson

Bangles- Vintage and Aeropostale

Earrings- Icing

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