Store Corner- UNIQLO

The spacious Japanese owned store, UNIQLO, only has a three branches in the United States, but the international chain is growing with locations in California and New Jersey opening by early October. Consider yourself lucky if you’re among the few with local access. They currently have a website featuring products but it lacks e-commerce capabilities. The store is renowned for its low prices and clothing technology with sweat-wicking products and insulating thermals. Their central focus is functionality and comfort rather than style, although it can be fun to mix and match their easy to pair products with their large palette of color options. Here are my tips:

1. The no-frills style clothing means it is an excellent place to shop for well made basics. Sweaters, for instance, are designed with a variety of necklines and come in an array of colors. You can even find cashmere with a price tag below $100. Be sure to check out the store if you’re looking for business casual separates or lounge/workout wear.

2. The prices are low, but you have to search the store for their “super deals.” When I went, every corner had something cute for a cheap amount. However, it blends in  with the other merchandise so keep your head up and your eyes scanning.

3. The unique selling factor with UNIQLO is their technology used to enhance the purpose of the clothing. They have down coats which may not be very cute but can at least prevent you from looking like a marshmallow with its extremely lightweight stuffing made from real down and feathers. The bras come without a stubborn, pointy underwire. Other specially marked items are great for the gym or a hike. They use HEATECH technology which warms up the body and keeps in body heat, as well as AIRism which has wicks away moisture to keep your body cool and clean. Plus, they are always working on special collaborations. Right now they have teamed up with the brand Velvet which produces simple and loose pieces often made in a soft cotton (not real velvet). Instead of pushing their boundaries they found a brand that fulfills similar needs as their own products– clothing you’ll want to get dressed in and wear all day that won’t interfere with your personally celebrated style that uniquely all your own. Here are some of my top picks:

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