DIY Little Mermaid Costume

Halloween happens to be my absolute favorite holiday. I love dancing to “Monster Mash,” knocking on doors in search of King Size chocolate bars, and most of all, dressing up. I’ve always disguised myself in something girly and try my best never to repeat a look– I’ve been a nurse, Dorothy, a renaissance princess, Little Red Riding hood, a cat, a fairy, etc. But I hate having to spend a load of money on something I’ll only wear once. On top of that, I find that most costumes even in the $50+ range are made from cheap synthetics that are always severely clingy and inappropriately short. Let’s not forget the worst part, that there are usually at least three other people in the exact costume. I’m calling all females without a crafty bone in their body who want to look hot without spending three hours trying on mediocre selections at a costume warehouse. Everyday until Halloween I’ll give you a costume idea to put together from regular clothing. You’ll look smart, unique, and best of all, you can wear each piece again and again once the costume parties have come to an end.


Top,, Living Royal- $35

Fish Tail Skirt, OASAP- $86

Slanting Hemline Skirt, OASAP- $81

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