Not Your Middle School Backpack

I used to despise backpacks. I would leave school hunched over from the weight of three dense paperbacks, two textbooks, and an assortment of pens, markers, and highlighters and then clutch my six notebooks in a firm grip wishing I could just plop everything into a beautiful Birkin bag. I never stopped at my locker, so my backpack was by my side all day long. As a result of its permanent presence I wanted something stylish. If clothing was a representation of who I was, then surely my scuffed and worn accessory was too. While some had initials or pink straps I never saw one that had the room for my stuff and a cute design. The best I found was a bag marked with pink initials and thickly padded shoulder straps. But the children of today have fantastic options. If you’re not in school you can use a backpack to tote your computer to the library, stow it in the locker room at the gym, or use it as a piece of luggage. Only backpacks like these can make you think about middle school wistfully. These are my picks: $50







Aeropostale- $20






Topshop- $56







Victoria’s Secret Pink- $45







Urban Outfitters, Kimchi Blue- $59

Mía Mariú Makeup Review and Giveaway

I’m excited to share with you a makeup brand I recently discovered called Mía Mariú. Like Avon or Mary Kay, you can order the makeup through a local sales representative, but you can also purchase the products on their website.

 While it’s difficult to buy foundation or concealer online, they have a shade finder page to help you determine which colors will be the perfect match for your skin tone. The makeup is mineral based, which means it’s healthy for your skin. They also sell other healthy care products such as nutritional supplements and skin treatment. In my package they sent me three samples of their microdermabrasion cream.

I ordered a blush in María Bonita. It’s a rosy shade that instantly brightened my face. The color is strong so only need to wear a little, but it spreads well and feels silky.  It comes in a black compact which is the perfect size to throw in your purse, plus it has a mirror on top!


I also received a brush recommended for applying powder called “The Perfect Blending Brush.” The bristles are fluffy and feel gentle on my face but the bristles fan out so it makes blending easy.

Now you can win these products! One winner gets a mineral blush in any of the four shades they offer and a perfect blending brush for a value of $39.
Liking me on Facebook (the side of my profile) is a mandatory entry and after doing that you can unlock more entries. This contest is only open to US readers, sorry. It ends on December 1, 2012. Thanks for entering and good luck!

2012 AMAS Best Dressed

Taylor Swift: Wore Zuhair Murad backless nude mini-dress with long sleeves that sparkled with gold embellishment. She might also win another award for best hair and makeup. 










Verdict- Sexy, a bit daring, fashion-forward
Nicki Minaj: Wore Monique Lhuillier bright figure accentuing chartreuse gown with fuller trumpet style skirt and short train.








Verdict- Cheery, shocking Julie Bowen copycat, hot
Carly Rae Jepson: Wore Gomez-Garcia light confection halter dress covered in various sequins. 










Verdict- Shiny, pretty, a bit safe
Pink: Wore Catherine Deane bronze top with a laser cut-out pattern. It was belted in the middle and then flowed with a chiffon pleated bottom in a dark taupe.









Verdict- Big improvement, fitting for personality and event
Zendaya: Wore Alice & Olivia black tulle skirted dress with nude sequin animal print top.








Verdict- Fun, age appropriate, and unique

1 Dress 3 Ways

Some people think only gray sweaters, basic t-shirts, or black pencil skirts can be worn in multiple way, but even crazy clothing can be versatile. Here is an Ark and Co. dress worn three different ways:

What you cannot see is that in addition to the zip-up front, the dress also has an open back. If you wanted to wear it to work you could try a jacket or thick sweater but then you can’t take it off for the rest of the day. Instead, I paired it with a button-down which ruffle on either side of the buttons. Although the pattern features navy, not black, the under layer is black so I was able to match the shirt, the shoes, and tights.

I picked the blazer for a light business casual look. Because I shed the opaque tights, this could be appropriate for an after work party. The hemline is still above my knees so I stuck with the gold buckle shoes with a thick, 1.5 inch heel. I also added some jewelry to make it more glamorous like these peal and rhinestone earrings.

We probably won’t be seeing feather as much as last winter so the hairband is a tribute to the flirty feather skirts that rocked last season. This outfit was also about having fun and looking youthful so I added a studded belt, glitzy sandals, and another layer of tulle by layering a skirt underneath the dress. There are no pictures of the back, but because I left my shoulders bare it also means more skin. Since it’s so busy in the front I think it would be fun to add the long necklace in the second look and wear it so it hangs backward. It’s never a bad thing to mix it up! To buy what I’m wearing go to:



Holiday Party Dresses For Under $120

With Thanksgiving, “Chrismakwanzikah,” and New Year’s all around the corner, it’s time to make sure you’re prepared for the all festive parties. I’ve compiled a list of nine dresses. Whether you’re headed to a ritzy house party, a homey family bash, or a bar to dance the night away, there is a dress for you in this list. If you are still are clueless after feasting your eyes on these beauties or your dress code doesn’t fit any of the themes, contact me directly and I’ll help you find something that will make you have another thing to be thankful for.

Fancy dinner party:

Warehouse, $120



















Family Event: $53














BCBGeneration, Piperlime- $108









A Bar/Club:

Topshop- $120












Ladakh, $110



Lemon Lime– And Other Shades Of Leather

Leather used to be a material reserved for jackets and shoes, but now you might see it anywhere you go. Even more unusual is that you’ll find just as many leather skirts in black and brown as you will green, red, and blue. Cheers for the edgy biker fabric getting a taste of the rainbow! If you love the idea but only wear animal friendly clothing, you can buy an imitation in vegan leather which can be made from a variety of artificial leathers. (Try to pick one that is also environmental friendly.) Even if you’re not interested in saving the cows, a leather substitute is the gentler option for your wallet. Below are my picks for both leather and non-leather mini-skirts. Happy shopping!

*FL- means faux leather, L- means real leather

L Any Color Skirt, American Apparel- $125








FL Green Skirt, $42









FL Red Skirt, Forever 21- $23









L Purple Skirt, Catherine Malandrino, $495


Election Day

Today I have two outfits to share, both featuring a white and blue pinstripe shirt. The looks are here to show you how easy it is to take the top you wear to the polling booth and redesign it into something that is suitable for an election results  party.
























Shirt- Abercrombie
Skirt- Vintage
Purse- Coach
Belt- H&M
Headband- Icing
Shoes- Cole Haan




































































Skirt- Express
Shoes- Valenti Franco


The Peter Pan Collar Blouse

You don’t have to fly to Neverland to pick up a cute rounded collar shirt. The Peter Pan collar style is sweet and more youthful than the traditional triangular collar. You can expect to find the former collar as an attachment to a t-shirt with a contrasting collar, while a pointed collar is usually a feature of a button down. A Peter Pan collar adds a innocent polish which turns even an edgy leather  top into a work appropriate staple., Twenty- $195













J.Crew- $75







Forever 21- $18

Orange And Black? I Won’t Take It Back.

Happy Halloween! I tend to stay away from orange and black on most occasions to avoid looking like a whitchy Jack-o’-lantern, but with the brass buttons and the gold notches on the boots it made the Halloween style more doable. I wore this on a mini-trip and the orange sweater was perfect for layering and mixing with jeans and skirts. Plus, with the light wool material was safe to ball up in a suit case knowing that it wouldn’t wrinkle. Although the skirt is short, wearing it with furry lined boots and black tights made it more appropriate for the chilly fall weather.

Sweater- Gap
Skirt- Nannette Lepore
Necklace- Vintage
Tights- Nine West
Boots- Indigo by Clarks